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July 25, 2019 - Issue 799

 Johnny Clegg
By Zapiro
South Africa July 25, 2019 - Issue 799: Johnny Clegg - Political Cartoon By Zapiro, South Africa

Johnny Clegg, who has died of cancer aged 66,
was a white singer-songwriter who became a
national hero in South Africa by using music to
defy the apartheid-era segregation laws. He
challenged the authorities by forming mixed-race
bands, performing to both black and white
audiences, and mixing Zulu influences into songs
that brought him international success. Known as
the 'white Zulu' or umlungu omnyama
(“the black white person”), he spoke fluent Zulu and
was an energetic and skilful exponent of Zulu dance.

Jonathan Shapiro is a South African cartoonist, famous as Zapiro, whose work appears in numerous South African publications and has been exhibited internationally on many occasions.

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