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Est. April 5, 2002
May 30, 2019 - Issue 791

White America Needs a King

"Everyday People will be forced-to work for peanuts
if the 'investor class' which values profits more than
people have their selfish way. 'Breadwinner' jobs, 
producing 'livable wages' which enable the average
American to handle a out-of-the blue $500 emergency
without a pawn shop or payday loan shark’s
'help' -  that day will never come."

White America needs a “King” to save them from their “well-earned” fate and destiny . . . And if Trump becomes King, . . . god help us all!

Kentucky Pooh Bah Mitch MCConnell is behind the wheel, taking directions from a drunk with power “Don” - grand pooh-bah Trump . . . they’re navigating the political landscape in his gold- plated everything stretch-limo, which is packed-full of ass-kissing white-collarard political gangsters and Wall Street thugs - and, right in-front-of this nation’s eye, they’re conducting a block-by-block slow, slow . . slow-rolling drive-by execution of American Democracy - even as shallow, hollow and non-reaching was it.

Trump’s “rollin’ 77 capitalist” - a gang comprised of racist, sexist and elitist wanna-be aristocrats are visibly half-mad with both unearned and surely undeserved power, as well as they’re consumed with fear . . . for they grasp the simplicity of the so-called complex predicament America finds itself in here the 21st century. They know they must “hold-on” to their illegitimate stranglehold on power . . . by any barbaric means their Lord and , this crucial “savior” Trump decides to employ.

White America needs a “King” to save them from their earned fate and destiny.

This nation is witnessing a level of racial intolerance and indifference within white America not seen since the 1960’s. There’s a internal cultural understanding the clock is ticking, time is running out, this is the end of their artificial claim of total complete “superiority” over everyone and everything.

In response Trump’s tribe has primitively calculated they must make this “last stand” here and now with this man, King Trump.

Yes, they’re justifiably and logically paranoid White men who fear their “comeuppance.” People who “think” like Trump, which is the vast overwhelming majority of White men, they understand “every dog has its day . . . “ So, to counter destiny and fate, they’ve concocted, on the fly, a diabolical plan: they’re going to, with Trump - “take back” their America, and make it White again.

The WASP base “end game” - to make Trump “King” for life, King of a newer, whiter America - the America the founding fathers laid out and existed until the weak, spineless liberals (negro-lovers) got power. There plan. To purge of all the human waste, which had, ater all gotten far too big for their britches. Americans of color have forgotten our original inferior, subordinate flunky like lackey sidekick place in American society as merely, simply, the “help,” and this altering of our status and role has changed America for the worst - as far as most White Americans see it.

If Trump isn’t impeached, imprisoned or beaten back at the polls in 2020, hang on to your asses.

Here’s just a few obvious horrific “givens” of what this “white Backlash” is capable of:

Utilizing an catastrophic event of any type, Trump or God-made to “roundup” and “lock down” all the known dissidents, i.e., objectors, protesters, freethinkers, nonconforming independent thinking rebels and revolutionaries, political renegades and insurgent agitators - Trump has rationalized, justified and glorified Japanese Internment/prison camps. As we all know he has massive manluv for all the real global gangsters and pimps.

Trains, planes and automobiles of all sorts used to transport “undesirables” like you and I to death camps in remote locations, sorry, but yeah, this terrifying visual coming-to-life isn’t beyond the realm of possibilities, anyone who’s a finger on the pulse of FOX News, Newsmax and AM hate radio understands the “good ol’ boy” vigilante militias can’t wait to turn their night vision gun sights on Blacks, Asians, “Chicanos”, negro-loving liberals . . . really.

Trump’s trick - we’re at war with just about everybody. However the thinking man or woman knows it’s not by “chance” nor “happenstance” but rather by “strategic design,” with the “endgame being an “axis of white greed, power, alas evil- white men and their women on tip- top of the world, the rest of us on the ground level, down in the basement fighting over the crumbs.

Roll your eyes all you want but that wet-dream of global domination and superiority wakes-up in the middle of the night men like Trump, Putin, England's new Great White Hope “Boris” and the hard-liners in Italy, France and other parts of Europe and South America a usually extremely hard-to-find medically-assisted “erection” . . . and quickly accompanying “ejaculation,” seriously.

Trump’s agenda is to erase the iconic 1964 Civil Rights Act, under the guise of “property rights,” which will then facilitate the rehanging up of the good ol’, ol’ fashion traditional All American signs which scream “No Nigger/Spics/Chinks/Jew-Boys/Injunes/Uppity Cunts/Fags or Man-Bitches . . .” Look, Archie Bunker’s “wet dream” wish list of undesirables and unwanted in his White man’s land is endless. And please don’t tell me those above mentioned racist “terms of endearment?” aren't the verbiage employed by Trump’s America?

Roe Vs Wade is erased . . . Women will go back to being barefoot and pregnant

They’ll create a “2 cents” coin and put a likeness of Harriet Tubman on it, hell these bigoted bastards might put Dr. King on the other side . . . kill two coons with one bullet . . . .

Mexicans will live across the river, blacks across the tracks, Japanese,Koreans, Polynesians, any one with Asian s features in Chinatown . . .

Trump will seize the native American operated Casinos and resorts, round up all the Natives/Savages injuries and put them back on that land white folks let them have. If you think Trump and his tribe think of Indians as anything more than “hostiles” - than your a naive nit-wit.

Local doctors, dentist, hospitals would not treat the ailments of Blacks and other people of color . . . unless they so desired. Financial institutions will openly apply what they now do behind closed doors - loan money based on color and gender instead of ability to repay the loan.

Logically national/global chains wouldn’t adhere to these Jim Crow/Sundown laws, due to economic backlash, but the small local merchant would implement these racist retro laws if they so desired . . .

Everyday People will be forced-to work for peanuts if the “investor class” which values profits more than people have their selfish way. “Breadwinner” jobs, producing “livable wages” which enable the average American to handle a out-of-the blue $500 emergency without a pawn shop or payday loan shark’s “help” - that day will never come. Americans having a 4 figure savings account, a stash under the bed . . . please! That stash would dry-up a revenue stream for the white collar soft-handed Ivy League hustler who pimps and exploits the little people's ills n’ woes.

I’m really, really serious about this all, I might make light of some of this, but in the end, I don’t believe the world understands what people like Trump want the world to look like. Columnist, Desi Cortez, who also writes for &, was hatched in the heart of Dixie, circa 1961, at the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the by-product of four dynamic individuals, Raised in South-Central LA, the 213. At age 14 transplanted to the base of the Rockies, Denver. Still a Mile-Hi. Sat at the foot of scholars for many, many moons, emerging with a desire and direction… if not a sheep-skin. Meandered thru life; gone a-lot places, done a-lot of things, raised a man-cub into an officer n' gentleman, a "man's man." Produced a beautiful baby-girl with my lover/woman/soul-mate… aired my "little" mind on the airwaves and wrote some stuff along the way. Wordsmith behind America's Ten Months Pregnant . . . Ready To Blow!: Even Trump Can't "Make America White Again." A New, More Inclusive, Diverse 21st Century America - Love It . . . Or Get The Hell Out!Contact Mr. Cortez and BC.




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