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Est. April 5, 2002
June 21, 2018 - Issue 747

White House Lies Have Become
More Than Just Everyday Lies


"As far as the approximately 2,000 children
ripped from their parents and sent to caged
holding warehouses, there is only one word to
describe Trump's behavior:  Terrorism."

The lies spilling out of the White House on the week after Father's Day have become a deluge because of the Trump Administration's policy of tearing children from their mothers and fathers at the southern frontier because Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to see refugees and asylum seekers as criminals not worthy of seeking safety in the U.S.

As far as the approximately 2,000 children ripped from their parents and sent to caged holding warehouses, there is only one word to describe Trump's behavior: Terrorism.

The children, some as young as nursing babies and the rest older are, indeed, terrorized. The few people who have been allowed entrance to the facilities that some in Trump's cabinet have described as “summer camps” for the youngsters likely have not subjected themselves to the screams and wails of the boys and girls who are incarcerated, as they cry for their mothers and fathers. It was a fitting sight to describe the attitude of Trump and his crew toward the people of the south who are seeking asylum or relief from the dangers of their home countries.

In a way, it makes the president and his apologists and supporters terrorists in their own right. Although a few of them profess to be parents and many of them profess belief in some religions, it is clear that they cannot put themselves in the place of the parents whose children have been taken from them. They cannot empathize. Because of Trump's twisted personality, he could not act in any other way, but his personality and his orders as president have forced even those who oppose separating families of the immigrants willing accomplices to his terroristic policy. That makes, each one, men and women, not only accomplices, but guilty of the same terrorism as Trump.

All of them have tried to make light of their crime and, if it isn't written down as a crime somewhere, it is a gross violation of human rights that has been executed on the perverted whim of someone who wishes to have absolute power, President Donald J. Trump. As soon as he saw the incredible response of the people and some in his own party, he blamed the Democrats. It is just another one of his blatant lies that he tells every day, but this time, he has traumatized a couple thousand children, perhaps for life. It doesn't bother him at all.

And, it makes one wonder what kind of relationship he has had with his own children, for no one who has picked up a child on coming home from work, when the child comes running with open arms in greeting, could not think of that memory when sentencing others' children to a nightmare and not for any good reason. It is on a whim that Trump has done this, because he wants the children for use as pawns in his attempt to build a useless, wasteful and destructive wall between Mexico and the U.S. He wants the Democrats to approve and fund that wall and he is using the children and broken families for his ransom demand so he can build his wall.

In the first 17 months of his presidency, Trump has been shown to epitomize what the U.S. has become. It is becoming an island nation that is in the process of cutting itself off from the rest of the world, economically and politically. It is thumping its chest, bragging how powerful it is militarily and it is not afraid to use its awesome power to support the corporations that pretty much control what happens in the Congress and the state legislatures. It is a bully nation in the way that Trump is the schoolyard bully that only will stop when confronted in a major way. In a schoolyard, a punch in the nose is often what stops a bully, but in Trump's case, he has the world's only superpower to back up his erratic actions and policies. That makes him one of the most dangerous individuals on the planet. Just recall his threat not so long ago that his nuclear button was bigger than Kin Jong Un's button, as if any sane person would ever joke about something that could set off the destruction of the world as we know it. Or, maybe he wasn't joking.

One can speculate from his behavior in this instance of incarcerating children and babies that he did not have much to do with the raising and nurturing of his own children. Or, maybe he just has never been interested in young children, but only those who have grown to adulthood and can be used in his businesses or when they become “hot,” his description of Ivanka. How else to explain his treatment of Central and South American children as so much livestock? No children deserve to be thrown into pens in a warehouse-type building with people they don't know, either falling into depression or wailing for their mothers and fathers.

Various press reports have noted that Stephen Miller, one of Trump's closest advisers, talked him into separating families at the U.S.-Mexico frontier and taking the children away, as their parents were taken off to be charged criminally for entering the country illegally. This was done without a thought for those seeking relief from danger or oppression, as so many millions have done before and who are now productive citizens in the third or fourth generation.

Condemnation of Trump and his immigration policy has been heard from around the world and even his own party has a few critics which, in this time, since Republicans are in such lock step, is a rarity. The president's attorney general, Jeff Sessions, ever the one to immediately support anything Trump says or does, has cited the Bible to justify separating children from their families and has brought opposition in a letter signed by hundreds of ministers of his own religion, the United Methodist Church.

And Trump, ever thinking that he is dealing with just another real estate transaction, believes that he can force Democrats and the public to fund the insanity of his border wall by holding children hostage. He continues to insist that the Democrats in Congress can solve the problem of asylum-seekers and other immigrants by passing a law. Ever the pathological liar, he has insisted, hour by hour in the past few days, that it is the Democrats' fault for family separations. It has been pointed out by numerous people that it is not the Democrats' fault and what he is doing is not a law passed by a previous Democratic administration and Congress. Trump can stop this ongoing human rights violation with a phone call, as was pointed out by Senator Lindsey Graham, a fellow Republican and by many Democrats and human rights advocates.

What the president has done in this case, as he has done throughout his administration, is effectively make a liar out of just about everyone who works for him and must speak for him. Unfortunately, he speaks for the people of the United States of America. Is it any wonder that there is little trust among the nations of the world in anything the U.S. says or promises? Columnist, John Funiciello, is a long-time former newspaper reporter and labor organizer, who lives in the Mohawk Valley of New York State. In addition to labor work, he is organizing family farmers as they struggle to stay on the land under enormous pressure from factory food producers and land developers. Contact Mr. Funiciello and BC.




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