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Est. April 5, 2002
May 17, 2018 - Issue 742

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The “Great White Hope” Is a Dope,
Alas Merely
“White Trash” with Money


"What are we, the unwanted and disrespected black
and brown Americans facing?  A racist/sexist and
elitist empire, composed of millions of white people,
with their eyes wide-open who’re standing firmly
beside, behind and yes 'in front' of their 'great
white hope' - willing to take all incoming flack,
to save the 'King of White people,' Donald Trump.

There’s a couple of critical points Americans of-color ought walk-away with from having endured the first 500 days or so, (give a insult, slight or crime) of Donald “King Lear” Trump’s reign; first, what you’re witnessing is “white privilege” - personified. Trump is the absolute embodiment of “white privilege“ - from his born into an klansman headed upper-crust mini-mansion home, educated at elitist military academy - this start, coupled-with overt nepotism propelled his shakey real estate empire equipped him with the contrived academic credentials required to toss his mad-hatter hairdo into the aspiring “mogul’ ring, .

Damn, nepotism, derived directly from white privilege - the building blocks of so many artificially inflated and pompous asses like this clown.

Trump’s lied, cheated, screwed, exploited and stole - all so as to amass that empire. Now ponder this simple thought: White America has lied, cheated, screwed, exploited and stole - in-order-to amass this decadent empire.

Trump is white America, white America is Trump !

However , like so-very many angry white men he’s a spineless, yellow-bellied punk-ass Vietnam draft-dodging war hawk itching to go to war against a world of color - he’s hypocrite, a phony, a fraud, and a sham. He’s a hustler baby

The two, Trump and the inflamed and emboldened rank n’ file - “real” Americans understand each other. They validate, parrot, confirm and mirror each other. And considering this mutual admiration for one-another, there’s simply “no way,” this side of the Mississippi, the Pecos or Hell that white America will let decency, patriotism, good ol’ down-home religion, morals and values lure them away from Trump. Most of White America is going to stand by their great white dope.

Trump could lynch a black woman in Times Square . . . and Trump’s White America would rationalize, minimize and pathetically justify the barbarism. Hell, Trump’s obviously colluded and conspired with communist Russians, while White folks “hear, see and say not a damn word” about “treason” being committed..

Let’s get cerebral hemorrhage serious: had President Obama engaged in a pittance of what this treasonouse sellout bastard has, wow, gee, Trump’s patriots, the Minute Men would have violently ejaculated. While his stormtroopers - the militia type folk would’ve stormed Obama’s Black House, dragged the then President, and most likely his wife and children out onto the front lawn and lynched them all, tarred n’ feathered them all, castrated Obama, shoved his testicles and penise down his slit throat . . . just to make the point.

Horrifically, undeniably there’d be people, white people, both women and children, young and old, rich n’ poor, degreed and non-degreed standing around the tree baring strange fruit, eating ice cream, smiling and taking selfies.

Please, please . . please stop me if I’m lying!!!

Hell no I’m not gonna white sugar coat the horrific possibilities: US History 101 underscores it’s not an hypothetical slaughtering I’m describing, but rather an historical pattern which one can easily argue this administration and the deplorable elements which put him in the Oval Office long-to, yearn-to emulate and had Obama done what Trump’s done, they’d had killed him, screw impeachment.

King Trump faked, contrived, and basically pulled-out of his orange ass his own medical evaluation, then strong-armed his medical portfolio from the doctor’s office. Trump, and his “pardoned” Sheriff Joe Arpaio luving redneck base don’t have any problem turning-away caravans of women and children seeking asylum here in the land of the exiles.

Trump’s white America’s supporting Israel's undeniably genocidal attacks on Palestinians - predictably, as America has waged genocide upon American-Natives and African-Americans.

What Trump’s erroneous appointment as emperor is revealing - European-American’s blatant hypocrisy - which is on display for all the world to behold. Second; the national, coast-to-coast acceptance of immorality, crookedness,dishonesty and corruption - in the name-of pure and simple “white supremacy.”

Look, the list of basic injustices - all the lying, cheating, stealing, greed, gluttony,and self-absorption - flies in the face-of all the universal high standards, morals and values which most civilized folks hold dear. “Civilization” is willingly being suspended, ignored and sidestepped by white America. . . in the name “white supremacy” and the pursuit of white dominance, control, and absolute national/regional and global power.

I just said a mouthful, and it's all true, please hear me, for time is tight, and the bell you hear in the background ringing my friends of color, my enlightened and seeking-more-than a brand-new BMW and a million dollar cookie-cutter micro-mansion in a mostly all white neighborhood . . . well that bell we’re talking about, or I’m talking about - it tolls for thee, an me, and ours . . . wake up negroes!

What are we, the unwanted and disrespected black and brown Americans facing? A racist/sexist and elitist empire, composed of millions of white people, with their eyes wide-open who’re standing firmly beside, behind and yes “in front” of their “great white hope” - willing to take all incoming flack to save the “King of White people,” Donald Trump. Trump is employing dog whistles, or rather prehistoric dinosaur fog horns to keep motivated the already paranoid rank n’ file rednecks in their hostile take-over in pursuit of “taking back” their country and yes, make it “snow-white’ again, just like it was back in the good ol’ glory days of pre-civil and human rights advancements of the mid 20th century.

Here’s what’s true; Trump Isn't president of these no-longer seriously alluded to be United States of America. No, he’s instead “king of White America” - the Lord and master of White people. I wholeheartedly contend this con-man solely and only has the best interest of himself and white America at heart. Columnist, Desi Cortez, who also writes for &, was hatched in the heart of Dixie, circa 1961, at the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the by-product of four dynamic individuals, Raised in South-Central LA, the 213. At age 14 transplanted to the base of the Rockies, Denver. Still a Mile-Hi. Sat at the foot of scholars for many, many moons, emerging with a desire and direction… if not a sheep-skin. Meandered thru life; gone a-lot places, done a-lot of things, raised a man-cub into an officer n' gentleman, a "man's man." Produced a beautiful baby-girl with my lover/woman/soul-mate… aired my "little" mind on the airwaves and wrote some stuff along the way. Wordsmith behind America's Ten Months Pregnant . . . Ready To Blow!: Even Trump Can't "Make America White Again." A New, More Inclusive, Diverse 21st Century America - Love It . . . Or Get The Hell Out!Contact Mr. Cortez and BC.

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