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Est. April 5, 2002
January 18, 2018 - Issue 725


By Watson Mere
Philadelphia PA - January 18, 2018 - Issue 725 Cover Story: Hush - Art by By Watson Mere, Philadelphia PA

"We must learn to live together as brothers
or perish together as fools..."

Print - 24" x 36"


Click here to purchase Artist Watson Mere, an artist of Haitian descent with no formal training in art, has been creating art since he was a young child. Until age four, Watson experienced a delay in his speech and could not verbally communicate. His teachers introduced him to art in order to help him fully express himself. This was his beginning.

When Watson was 11, he was introduced to the computer program, Microsoft Paint. This became his medium.

Watson finds inspiration from the love, struggles, happiness, and pain of the people of the African diaspora. Each piece is designed to spark the viewer's imagination as to interpret the work of art that stands before them. With the screen as his canvas and the mouse as his "brush", Watson meticulously transforms social issues like race, poverty, and religion into extraordinarily rare and unique works of art. This is his passion.

"I hope [my art] allows people to think. I want to inspire them - make them contemplate something. I want to give people something to consider that they don't see on a daily basis. I want to help them think and use their imagination."  Contact Mr. Mere.




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