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April 20, 2017 - Issue 695

Of Lies and the "LYING King"
President Trump

By Dr. Carlos Russell, PhD

"Trump’s lies are designed to mask his obvious
personal ambition, incompetence, insecurity,
ignorance, and inflate his weak ego by sending
thunderous bolting tweets across the national
political heavens which, contrary to his expectations,
are phosphorescent lights illuminating the skies
with narcissistic images of his infantile bravado and
pseudo machismo leaving one aghast in disbelief."

Every President, including George Washington -- he of the “cherry tree”-- at some time in their careers and presidency, have lied to the American people. It goes with the political territory and the treacherous seat they temporarily occupy. To think otherwise is historically and pragmatically disingenuous, politically na´ve and unwise. Presidents, when the circumstances so required, often, with great reluctance and trepidation, have lied, for “classified” reasons and will continue to do so.

Often it is masked in hermetically sealed silence – hopefully, as they await the outcome of their morally deceptive decision to deceive the people—the ones who may be asked to sacrifice themselves, or their sons and daughters on the altar of patriotically confronting the possibility of national or international anhillation.

Let the people know the truth and the country will be safe” Abe Lincoln is purported to have said. As a dictum for governing a nation it may elicit pounding heartbeats of pride and passion in the governed for it espouses the belief that the people will somehow, no matter the nature of the truth, once informed, will make the right choice. Sadly, although morally and societally desirable that dictum may be; it is predicated on a weak foundation if not premise: Unvarnished “truth” is rarely, if ever, digested by a fear-filled people. Seldom, in those circumstances, are they moved to positive action. That reality has been a major conundrum faced by many of our former Presidents…. Some have been victorious. Notably, F.D.R. “You have nothing to fear… but fear itself”. The people listened! The people moved!

Amidst this history of presidential lying enter – stage far right – President Donald J. Trump the authenticated peripatetic “lying king” bellowing in his make believe would-be kingdom, perhaps of all times, and the acknowledged “Prevaricator-in-Chief” of the nation.

Unlike previous Presidents, whose lies, irrespective of party affiliation, were generally protective of a threatened or fearful people; Trump’s lies, in my view, are designed to mask his obvious personal ambition, incompetence, insecurity, ignorance, and inflate his weak ego by sending thunderous bolting tweets across the national political heavens which, contrary to his expectations, are phosphorescent lights illuminating the skies with narcissistic images of his infantile bravado and pseudo machismo leaving one aghast in disbelief.

With the buttons of nuclear devastation in the hands of someone of his intellectual unstable temperament; and the control of every branch of our government in the hands of a political party apparatus which once deemed him a “buffoon”, now, owing to the politically percieved self interests and the seemingly all consuming ambitions of many of its members, it has unashamedly hopped upon, what for me, is tantamount to being on a train, piloted by a deranged conductor who irrationally pushes its throttle forward and with an ill-conceived decision that takes it (the nation) flying towards an almost certain “disastrous” end. The behaviour of these members of the Republican party, coupled with the compartment of a national communication media that responds primarily to “ratings” and it’s “bottom line” – one which many analysts suggest, was a major reason for Trumps rapid rise to power—it becomes very difficult to imagine the people of America hearing and knowing the “truth”.

In such a setting, the country will definitely not be safe!

Its people must work to eat! Most have little time to read and to digest what is being written or said. Thus, the possibility of Trump triumphing is dangerous and very real. That is the dilemma of our times….

Let me be clear. I fear for the future of the nation AND the International community of nations. Were we to continue this seemingly slovinginly descent into the pits of political insanity and dehumanization there is no telling what the future, if any, will bring! Hear me if YOU Will! My argument is not now or will it ever be one that is honed in alleged ideological purity... The complexity of the nature of humankind obviates that sophomoric dream. I have learned that, in general terms, “pure” elements in the universe, with time, tend to self destruct. Hitler and his “true believers” whose inhumane excuses and delusional vision led them to seek the purity of ethnic superiority of an “Aryan” race; were ultimately vanquished and destroyed by the advocates of “truth” and of ”Love” of human kind.

Indeed it was but only a partial victory. The serpent of hate was not completely beheaded or its back broken. Its presence can still be felt and seen on the planet Earth frecuently scurrying and reappearing in different shapes and forms: racism, sexism, religious and sexual intolerance.

Is Trump the reincarnation of Hitler or the embodiment of the serpent? I make no such claim. The reference is simply allegorical. Trump is Trump. A man who, to me, exudes the propagandistic tenents of Joseph Goebbles -- “ The bigger the lie the better” -- as he relentlessly continues to pursue his egomaniacal agenda. Is it sheer coincidence that his stated political credo “America First” is similar in content, if not sinonimous to “Deutschland Uber Alles”?

For the advocates of a world wherein “agape” reigns there still is an unfinished task…. completing the exorcism of hate from the very entrails of our country! Let those who will lead the nation to that end come forth.

It is for this reason That I make this urgent plea to those members of Congress—Republicans, Democrats and Independents -- who, still chained in the dark bowels of Plato’s cave, where the light is sparse-- hopefully, and who may still be able to see beyond the shadows and distinguishruth” from “lies” to them I plead: “Trumps’ twisting and bending of the truth is , from an almost universal perspective, undeniable. A act now tomorrow may be too late.”

Equally “disastrous ” are his flagrant and feeble attempts at denial and obfuscation: i.e. his belligerantly consistent emphasis on the “leaking” of potentially damaging information to his presidential campaign with little mention of the “accuracy” of the content of what was “leaked”.

Additionally, “there is no credible evidence of wire tapping by the former administration” -- the official response from the FBI -- to his claims of the contrary. The Senate’s Inteligence Committee, CNN has also reported, that former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, did not act “improperly or illegally”. Is it not then fair to query what new deviatory tactic will the “lying king” of American politics employ next?

This country cannot, and must not, continue on its presently ever gyrating internationally embarassing path of national dysfunctional political discourse. It is not befitting of a nation where so many sacrifices have been made in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Equally important, no nation alligned with us or seeking alignment, will continue to respect our values, accept our word or believe what we say. This anomalous travesty on the American political tradition has to be forcefully addressed and corrected immediately!

Our constitution, under the rubric of “High Treason and Misdemeanors” details a process for the impechement of members of the Executive and Judiciary branches of the governmennt. Pursuant to that proviso here then is a relevant question:

Is the blatant visceration and manipulation of factual information by the President of the U.S., for the primary purpose of butressing his image and status with the American people injurious to the security and well being of the nation. If so, does it constitute an impeachable offense?

I plead ignorance!

Given the gravity and implication of the questions, I strongly believe that a demand for a concise and precise response is mandated. It is now time that “ WE THE PEOPLE” demand of our Congress precise and concise answers and action forthwith! Guest Commentator, Dr. Carlos E. Russell, PhD is Professor Emeritus C.U.N.Y. - Brooklyn College. In the sixties, he served as an Associate Editor of the Liberator magazine. As such, he was one of the first to interview Malcolm X after he left the Nation. He is best remembered as the founder of Black Solidarity Day in New York in 1969 and as the Chair of the Black Caucus of the Conference on New Politics in 1967. In addition, he was a consultant to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the planning for the Poor Peoples March. Excerpts of his participation can be seen in Citizen King and Eyes on the Prize (PBS Mini Series Boxed Set). Born in the Republic of Panama, he has served as that country’s representative to the U.N and the O.A.S. with the rank of Ambassador. He has also served as the nightly host of “Thinking it Through” a talk show that was aired on WLIB in New York. He is a playwright and poet as well. Contact Dr.Russell.




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