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Est. April 5, 2002
March 16, 2017 - Issue 690

The President’s Authority
Won’t Be Questioned?


"Trump’s propensity to revise recent history
with outright lies, mischaracterizations and
sleight of hand machinations are enough to
throw any authority he might have
out the damned window."

Coming up on 60 days of Donald Trump’s presidency, I imagine that a million more Americans are so sick they’re throwing up (their hands too) at the audaciousness of his administration and acts of inhuman…but they’re not. The man has fictionally re-framed incident after incident and lied about inconsequential matters - and for no good reason. Is there ever a good reason to lie? The latest affront to one’s intelligence is the assertion that former President Barack Obama wiretapped his phone during the Presidential primary. Since the allegation is categorically untrue and he’s choosing not to relent on this outright lie, I’m questioning (as if I haven’t been since the January 20) his authority.

Needless to say, I’ve been in constant agreement with Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), who said in mid-January that he didn’t “see the president-elect as a legitimate president.” It wasn’t without good reason. Trump’s propensity to revise recent history with outright lies, mischaracterizations and sleight of hand machinations are enough to throw any authority he might have out the damned window. Ol’ heads have told me, “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, ” but when it comes to Trump, I’m all for throwing him and his BS out of a window - any window, the nearest window!

There is no way on this green earth that I can with any degree of human conscience follow a man so petty and juvenile (which, coincidentally, the way I feel about conservatives). I wake up pissed every day I think about the fact that Donald Trump is the face of this country. I get even more pissed when I see news clips of Trump making policy with the people he chooses to seat around the table—only white people. His anti-diverse, monochrome-complexion staffing evaporates any respect I might have for the authority invested in him by the US Constitution.

So now the White House has walked back a key point of President Donald Trump's unsubstantiated allegation that President Obama wiretapped his phones in Trump Tower during the 2016 election. That only happened because the mainstream media, whom Trump so viciously attacked for the past year-and-a-half grew a pair of balls and are now collectively challenging him on the “fake news” he’s putting in the human-sphere. About damned time! He characterizes any negative news as fake news.

To watch the so-called president’s surrogates clumsily re-create the narration of Trump’s tweets, namely, White House press secretary Sean Spicer who said Trump wasn't referring to wiretapping when he tweeted about wiretapping. "I think there's no question that the Obama administration, that there were actions about surveillance and other activities that occurred in the 2016 election," Spicer said. "The President used the word wiretaps in quotes to mean, broadly, surveillance and other activities."

Another act of idiocy that you should find alarming of this so-called president is his use of Twitter as a means to bypass the media, whom he acts like he hates, yet begs for their coverage; he says his tweets are his way of communicating directly to the American people. First, he refuses to use @POTUS, which would be his official Twitter handle. This is an unsecured means of communicating what we are to wholly believe and accept as his voice. Second, his 5-year-old cell phone (a clam shell model) is in no way secure enough to discuss responses to North Korea’s missiles as he dined in a Mar-a-Lago dining room among strangers., but he did that…

Giving further credence to John Lewis’ statement, Trump insisted that millions of illegal votes were cast for Hillary Clinton, with Massachusetts complicit in the illegality by busing thousands across the border to New Hampshire. The Republican New Hampshire Governor, Chris Sununu stated that he’s had not encountered serious instances of fraud. Should we believe a man who’s been in the state for decades or a money-grubbing opportunist who has shown himself repeatedly to be a liar?

And then, we could talk about his clumsy grammar in paying tribute to Frederick Douglas as though he were still alive, and his attack on civil rights icon and Congress Member John Lewis - referring to him as “all talk, no action.” A clear indication that he hates Black people and will use any petty, juvenile excuse to malign them. What an idiot!

Or, his abrupt end to a phone call with the Australian Prime Minister, describing the call as the ‘worst call yet” [of that particular day]. May I insert a “WTF” here? Just because you and the person you are conversing with don’t agree, you’ll run and tell the world it was the worst phone call ever? Geez, this man’s an idiot! How can anyone with a pulse respect his authority?

Finally, I’ll cap it with his duck-and-dodge maneuvers related to his tax returns, which he told America while on the campaign trail that he would release them. He was inaugurated on a Friday; that Sunday, his senior legal advisor, Kellyanne Conway told a viewing TV audience that Trump will not release his returns. And then, if all else can be topped, there’s Trump surrogate Stephen Miller, who said:

The end result of this, though, is that our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.”

What? I’ve witnessed enough acts and actions that have affirmed one of my most reserved prognostications regarding the current administration: impeachment. I fully realize that impeachment wouldn’t mean an end to Trump’s term as president, but in the same vein, it would put him on the fast track to an early exit. On that fast track, (and I’ve said this before) he’s engineering a gas-filled train with no brakes, full of dog sh#@%, and gun-toting screaming conservatives, speeding downhill, hair on fire, with no lights and it’s crashing through the dazed and confused poor people of the United States. At the climax of this crash may very well lay an impeachment - and a free to Mara-Lago, Trump Tower or anywhere in hell he needs to go! After 50 days, I’m just ready for him to go.

The bottom line is this: anybody with this type of behavior , attitude or record standing behind them needs to have their authority questioned; and if you don’t do it, then you need to have your sanity questioned. Columnist, Perry Redd, longtime activist & organizer, is the Executive Director of the workers rights advocacy, Sincere
that currently owns the FCC license for WOOK-LP 103.1FM/ His latest book,
Perry NoName: A Journal From A Federal Prison-book 1, chronicles his ‘behind bars’ activism that extricated him from a 42-year sentence and is now case law. He is also the author of As A Condition of Your Freedom: A Guide to Self-Redemption From Societal Oppression, Mr. Redd also hosts a radio show, Socially Speaking, from his Washington, DC studio. Tweet him @socialspeaks. Contact Mr. Redd and BC.




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Perry NoName: A Journal From A Federal Prison-book 1
As A Condition of Your Freedom: A Guide to Self-Redemption From Societal Oppression
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