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Est. April 5, 2002
September 08, 2016 - Issue 665

Donald Trump
The Most Dangerous
White Man Alive


"Donald Trump is Public Enemy #1
as far as most Americans of color
should be concerned. matter-of-fact,
this sacrilegious, diabolical narcissistic
madman honestly has the world’s fate
in his little ungodly hands."

Donald Trump is the most dangerous White man alive.

Enlighten me as to who can be considered more dangerous, more of a threat to the basic well-being of Black people than Donald J. Trump. His victory, or hopefully his defeat - either outcome will unquestionably impact Black America - our collective and individual destinies, perhaps our overall fate as a people, in a hostile land will be altered by Trump if elected. President Andrew Jackson's Redneck-minded decisions resulted in the barbaric removal of Indians from Florida to Oklahoma, Similarly Trump wants to “cleanse” America, purge the human riff-raff, throw out the flesh n’ bone trash. Martial law will be one of his first moves, creating a police state where the police are above the law.

If George W. Bush didn’t “like” Black people, I’d suggest Donald Trump hates us. Every indicator is he does, and as Maya Angelou — “'When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time. History, public record shows us who and what he is . . . . “

Trump’s undeniably and obviously a racist, sexist and elitist SOB.

Minus any hesitation nor reservation, I can proclaim to the whole-wide world this; Donald Trump is the most dangerous White man livin’ n’ breathin’, bar-none, hands-down, without question or debate. Donald Trump is Public Enemy #1 as far as most Americans of color should be concerned. matter-of-fact, this sacrilegious, diabolical narcissistic madman honestly has the world’s fate in his little ungodly hands. Every horrific possibility; from race wars to a World-ending global thermonuclear war looms on the horizon if the keys to the White House are given to this half-insane White man.

Madman, it fits.

Trump’s making it Nixonian-clear in all his stump speeches this is White America’s “last stand” - the finale battle to “take-back” “their” America. Our decades long cold race-war is one incident away from a coast-to-coast bloodbath, the likes-of the world has never ever seen. Pure demographics, numbers and babies dictate this conflict in enviable. It seems the White man’s nightmare is to live under non-White rule. Trump’s only chance is to hold the Mexicans off at the border, while exporting as many as he can stuff into Uber vans headed to Nogales. No matter what he claims, he thinks Eisenhower's “Operation Wetback,” the deportation of 1.5 million Mexicans was “pure genius.” Then he’d turn-around and double-down; deny entry while mass-deporting “identifiable” Muslims (from Sand niggers to Black niggers to slant-eye chinks to White Russians) as possible. Lord Trump’s already admonished the logic of the WWII Japanese interment camps . . . it’s not hard to not imagine another “trail of tears” as Trump's storm-troopers escort Blacks from cities and towns across the nation to . . . only God knows where to live out our lives. Hear me baby bra’ as we underestimate and dismiss this White man’s horrific potential, we do it at our own peril.

If George W. Bush didn’t “like” Black people, I’d suggest Donald Trump hates us.

As Black Americans, we’d better be afraid, because History 101 tells us we’ve reason to be alarmed . . . hell, our ears have been ringing 24/7, 365/52, 12 months a year, year after year since 2008 with White folks throwing around buzzwords, dog-whistles and condescending code-words. AM radio sounds like a Klan meeting - only because it is. These folks, from your local po-po to your gynecologist and real estate lady are openly supporting a man backed by the Klan, David Duke, and the American Nazis. Breitbart (Klan-lite) runs his campaign. Go read Breitbart, it’s not simply insulting and offensive - it’s insulting the level of “White hatred” you feel pouring-out of the words.

Despite Trump being bear-hugged by David Duke, which one of you wants to wager Trump still garners the vast-overwhelming majority of the “Blue vote?” At the risk of being redundant, but just for the record ; the Klan, the police, the Nazis . . . and AARP support Trump - it’s a monolithic monotone collection of angry White people . . . and dumb-ass Black and Brown folks. Sorry, there’s no other way to define the Uncle Toms and Uncle Tomas’ backing this meatheaded-buffoon probably because they get to ride on his plane. I bet these Negroes are in the last few isles, back by the galley and restrooms . . . .

Two of the minstrels/ministers/pimps Trump's purchased, Bruce LeVell and Mark Burns ought to be court-marshalled and banned from the Black race. The National Congress of Hifalutin, Hi’ n’ All-so Mighty Negroes ought to try these useful idiots in a court of Black opinion for “treason,” for offering “comfort n’ cover” to a Klansmen. Pull their Black man cards for life!

What we’ve got here is all the elements for a revolt; Sean Hannity, Bill O’Really, Rush Limbaugh and the lynch mob of provocateurs that is the “Confederated Right” - all should be charged with, “aiding and abetting” in the attempted hostile takeover of the US government via the people's airwaves, attempting to incite a coast-to-coast White revolt. The strategic, tactical, interjection of the term “rigged elections” is the equivalent of “plant a seed, watch it grow,” a deliberate effort to foster a feeling of “we was robbed” among the Right and justify violence.

Tragically I see Trump winning, by any diabolical means necessary. His motto; “if you ain’t cheatin’, well boy you ain’t tryin’!

Let’s unpack some bags; Emperor Trump’s facilitating an effort to align the WASP/Nordic/European peoples . . . against the world. Yes, the world. He delusionally see’s himself as but one-step away from the White House and being anointed “Co-King” of all the White people around the globe. This wet dream is possible/probable, if not politically doable; a government overthrow is definitely possible, plausible. Trump’s willing to get into bed with Putin . . . bend-over for Putin . . . if he can share the “crown.” Trump’s willing-to disband NATO, let the poorer, darker Euro-Trash fend for themselves. He’s willing to let Israel go-it-alone in the desert, and then when the dust settles - he and Putin will be ready and waiting to wipe most of the Arab world off the face of the planet and harvest their natural resources. Trump would like to remove American Indians from the US gambling/casino industry and I’d argue he’d restore apartheid to South Africa if he could. In regards to Mexico, Central America - Trump would love to fulfill the pre-civil war aristocratic wet dream to expand their plantation states to Central and South America. He wants the Panama Canal back . . . .

This is a baaadd man.

These last-ditch efforts we see being mounted by Trump - the condesending, patronizing half-ass effort to woo Uncle Tom's back to the Republican/Confederate Party is LMAO funny. The staged scenes he’s created by convening a room full of Hollywood props - Coconuts, i.e., Mexicans who’re sadly as-willing as Trump’s Black preachers to put their own mommas on the corner to gain a free round of golf or a luxury suit at one of Trump’s resorts, who’s far-more devious than a mere insult - this plastic overture illustrates how disconnected from reality this guy is, how arrogant, how very-much bodacious audacity this frat-house maroon is full of. Trump’s banking on Black folks being dumb, being so politically ignorant of the facts they pull the lever for him.

Trump wanted to know “what in the hell do Black folks have to lose” if he becomes President? Well just about any and everything, from our jobs, homes, access to low-quality education and health care, to our already limited basic freedoms and liberties, to our very lives.

I’d submit under a Trump-ruled White America we will endure Conservative/Confederate politicians moving-to “re-segregate” this nation; from public transportation - buses, trains, planes, ships, to public facilities, i.e., public restrooms, malls, hotels, schools, campgrounds, cemeteries and water fountains, ahhh, back to the “good ol’ days.” Trump’s Presidency will embolden and empower city council people, police chiefs, schools boards, mayors, congress people, governor and voters to turn the hands of time back,

There wil be a national movement to Imprison all the potential Nat Turner's and Huey P.’s before they organize, defend and strike-back. Trump will brand militant Blacks with being domestic extremist/racist aligned with foreign Islamic terrorist.


Tell me, can you slow, halt this “turning-back” of time? Can we rule it out under Trump rule? Between Rudy Giuliani, Klansmen David Duke, Klansmen John Sessions and yes, Klansman Sean Hannity in this trojan elephant's ears - what’s “off” the table? Not a damn thing.

Whites Only!”

No Mexicans/No Dogs.”

No Muslims Allowed.”

No Jews.”

No Japs.”

Someone tell me Trump and his lynch mob have matured and moved beyond this point. Tell me you can’t see one of those scenes where the black man hangs in the background, mutilated, castrated, burned at the stake with a throng of White faces, laughing and smiling. Tell me that’s beyond the realm of Trump. Columnist, Desi Cortez, was hatched in the heart of Dixie, circa 1961, at the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the by-product of four dynamic individuals, Raised in South-Central LA, the 213, at age 14 transplanted to the base of the Rockies, Denver. Still a Mile-Hi. Sat at the feet of scholars for many, many moons, emerging with a desire and direction… if not a sheep-skin. "Meandered thru life; gone a-lot places, done a-lot of things, raised a man-cub into a good, strong man, produced a beautiful baby-girl with my lover/woman/soul-mate… aired my mind on the airwaves and wrote some stuff along the way." Contact Mr. Cortez and BC.




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