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Est. April 5, 2002
June 23, 2016 - Issue 659

Donald Trump
Merely White Trash
With Money


"How can people of color be 'blindsided' by
what is quickly becoming a nation-wide
'White backlash' for which Trump is the
people’s champion. That’s White people’s
champion. For everyone else who isn’t
White - this is the beginning of a national nightmare."

President Trump . . . .” It seems a multitude of Black Americans are “shocked” this hospitality and lodging hustler, who occasionally lives above a saloon/gambling hall, is but one-chessboard move away from becoming President of these undeniably Disunited States of America. This is the singular, lone thought which millions of Black, Latino, Asian, Native and Muslim Americans must come-to grips with. Trump’s ascendance reflects and illustrates most White Americans are less-tolerant and more-racist than any of you could have imagined or admitted. Here’s the 2:33, in the AM wake your ass up call Black n’ Tan folks must hear - the vast overwhelming majority of WASP Americans will embrace and elect a racist, sexist aristocrat like Trump over a moderate carpetbagging corporate-owned, anti-gun, pro-abortion, negro-loving “Dixie-crate” like Hillary. “Shocking” isn’t it?

Oh why can’t the deaf hear?

Geez, how can that be? How can you be an American of color, of color now - and not know, nor see, nor believe this alarming level of racism/sexism and classism remains intact if not eternally embedded within White America? How can people of color be “blindsided” by what is quickly becoming a nation-wide “White backlash” for which Trump is the people’s champion. That’s White people’s champion. For everyone else who isn’t White - this is the beginning of a national nightmare.

Oh why can’t the blind see?

Did we not see the ever-present ingrained bigotry swelling, rising? Do we not feel and sense the tidal-wave of resentment, scorn and contempt most, not all but clearly most of White citizens maintain for Americans of color? Isn't the “White Flight,” the yearnings to racially re-segregate America obvious?

No, most of us are so-disinterested and disconnected from basic history, be that Afro-American/US or World history that projects like “The Free State Of Jones,” “Roots” and “OJ” are “breaking” news for not only White folks - it’s news for Black people. How can that be? How can we, the people which Plymouth Rock fell upon - be surprised? It can only be surprising if we don’t have a clue as to “what” happened yesteryear . . . and we don’t. I’ve listened to family, friends, enemies, in laws, outlaws, neighbors, co-workers, hi-lites n’ low lifes and absolute strangers who happened to be Black, and almost to a person they minimized, slighted, marginalized and even dismissed Trump as an oddity, a rarity, a unique White unicorn. I was constantly told by by the uppity, bourgeois ones that all the White folks they rubbed asses with, all the ones they golfed and skied with - all deemed Trump a buffone. It was their educated negro contention only the lower class “White trash” which wasn’t well-educated nor well-traveled was the riff-raff backing Trump.

White-Trash” pales in it’s derogatory comparison to Nigger, Spic, Chink, Injune and etc., so don’t damn my usage of the term.

Newsflash … most of White America is White Trash, one or two paychecks away from being forced to live a peasant-like lifestyle most Americans of color were assigned at birth.

Here, let’s check Mr Webster so we can first agree what “white trash” is; "white trash" overlaps in meaning with "cracker," "hillbilly" "Okie", and "redneck". The main difference is that "redneck," "cracker", "Okie", and "hillbilly" emphasize geographical locations and that a person is poor and uneducated and comes from the backwoods with little awareness of the modern world, while "White trash" emphasizes the person's moral failings.

Moral failings” here’s a few synonyms for “moral,” just in case there’s any questions: virtuous, righteous, high-minded, honorable, honest, just, noble, incorruptible, scrupulous, respectable, clean-living and law-abiding. Gee I can make the argument Trump is lacking in all these areas.

Donald Trump is a trojan horse for a vast-array of “Moral failings” - he’s a racist, sexist self-righteous, dishonest white-collar felon who lacks high-minded principles and and ideas. A small, simple, low-minded con-man, a pimp who believes rich people are better than poor folks, and that White men are better than . . . any and everybody.

It’s interesting, in a hostile land where Black folks are never, ever, never given the “benefit of the doubt,” where we are always wrong, ” guilty,” guilty as sin until proven otherwise. Never innocent until proven-so. Yet you’ve got both the everyday brothers and sisters and the so-called enlightened and highly-educated Blacks, naively giving a self-segregating nation of people, with the track record that America has - the benefit of the doubt. White America wouldn’t vote this stone-age caveman into the Oval Office.

These delusional negroes couldn’t have been more wrong!

And I’d submit what propelled this child-like mindset was a combination of greed and ignorance. .

Most Black folks, from the rank n’ file no-collar worker to Afro-American astronauts to the hifalutin’ Negro aristocrats can’t tell you what was notable about Booker T. Washington’s 1895 Atlanta Compromise speech. Nor can they tell you about Frederick Douglass's hard hitting Independence day speech. They draw a blank when you say Angela Davis.Most couldn’t tell you one or two points of the Black Panther Party’s 10 Point Program. But wait, they don’t know the Civil War from the Revolutionary War from the Korean War. They can’t tell you about the Great Migration, the Great Depression or the Greatest, Muhammad Ali - Black folks were seeing and hearing his “defiant” quotes from the 1960’s for the first god-damn time . . . that’s unexcusable!

Good lord, we are a slightly-educated, lost, adrift people. And who can deny this is the dumbed-down, ignorant, unenlightened state of mass-confusion elitist segregationist like Trump believe Black folks belong in.

I’m a man in my fifties, and I can say between growing-up and living in only two cities, Los Angeles and Denver - with a foot in da’ hood and a foot in the burbs - I can attest I’m always apart of that Black contingent who does know exactly the significance behind Fannie Lou Hamer, the Soledad Brothers, Garvey’s Black Star Line - we are the oddities. This is our problem.

Malcolm X said "History is a people's memory, and without a memory, man is demoted to the lower animals."

For my generational golden rules . . . “all that glittered was gold,” “ God is money, money is god,” and of course “rich folks are “better” than poor people. No, wait, then we produced generations which have said “life ain't nothin’ but bitches n’ money!” So get rich, or die tryin’!”

It seemed my era remains obsessed with “keeping-up with the Jones,” starting with college - virtually all my peers abandoned the educational industry and were headed willingly, blindly onto the corporate plantation - marketing/accounting/advertising - with the soulless sole-goal being to make money - these house negroes did all they could to distance themselves from the field-niggers, yet they had the same materialistic daydream. As we grew-up they went into debt craving BMWs, big-ass mini-mansions, platinum bling and titanium blang, every hi-tech gadget they could get their hands on.

But now in 2916 they appear to be bewildered and dismayed by the unbreakable glass ceilings they pretended not to see for all the 1980’s and on . . . the same anti-union, and pro-mini wages. Honestly, at least two generations bought this cutthroat capitalism comapny-line, they actually believed they’d be judged by educated White folks, not “White Trash” and that in the name of “profit” they be given a fair shake.

Call them pawns, useful idiots.

Well fairness and equality didn’t rule the land. That's why were besieged with “entrepre-negroes“ i.e., delusional Black folks who thought their college degree, hard work ethic and perfect diction far-outweighed their Black skin, thick lips and broad nose. I’m surrounded by pompous Black MBA’s who can’t work for the 33 year old White boys who treats them like “the help.” These are the the chumps n’ punks who bored me with verbal essays explaining-away “why” they’re Republicans and Libertarians.

What’s sad, listening to Black folks on some screen or in the booth next to me at Sunday brunch believing the White folks supporting Trump, which is most White people in America . . . can be shamed into abandoning Trump. They honestly believe some business dealing or extra-marital affair will prompt an exodus of White folks from his camp. These colored folks couldn’t be more wrong!

White people are going to” stand by their White man,” even if the Klan is standing in his corner with him. Why we don’t see that . . . I don’t really know. Well, yes I do - we don’t know White people because we don’t know history. Columnist, Desi Cortez, was hatched in the heart of Dixie, circa 1961, at the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the by-product of four dynamic individuals, Raised in South-Central LA, the 213, at age 14 transplanted to the base of the Rockies, Denver. Still a Mile-Hi. Sat at the feet of scholars for many, many moons, emerging with a desire and direction… if not a sheep-skin. "Meandered thru life; gone a-lot places, done a-lot of things, raised a man-cub into a good, strong man, produced a beautiful baby-girl with my lover/woman/soul-mate… aired my mind on the airwaves and wrote some stuff along the way." Contact Mr. Cortez and BC.




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