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Est. April 5, 2002
March 17, 2016 - Issue 645

Mom's Couch
A Solo exhibition
by Eric J. Garcia
at Chicago's
National Veterans Art Museum

Operation Mom's Couch, a solo exhibition by award-winning veteran artist, Eric J. Garcia will be opened Friday, February 26th at Chicago's National Veterans Art Museum. This installation-based show examinew the influences and fascination with war and combat, spurred by propaganda and the use of imagery the artist experienced from an early age. Garcia works in a variety of media, including hand-printed posters, ongoing nationally published political cartoons, large-scale public murals, and sculptural installations.

His art focuses on contemporary issues from both a historic and political perspective, and serves to expand understanding and educate about the often forgotten or misrepresented versions of American history.

With his newest exhibition, Operation Mom's Couch, Garcia aims to reflect on how propaganda and the use of imagery influenced his understanding of war and combat as a child. He incorporates both mural painting and sculptural elements to highlight and examine the ways in which these influences affected the fascination he had with “playing war,” and how we might begin to understand how these tools of advertising represent or misrepresent the experience of combat.

In a Radio Program on WBEZ 91.5 Chicago titled "Getting to Know Chicago’s National Veterans Art Museum", mixed-media artist Garcia tells the story of how he went from defending makeshift forts as a kid to defending a real military base in Italy as a member of the U.S. Air Force.

Operation Mom's Couch is accompanied by an exhibition featuring various sculptures from NVAM’s permanent collection. Both exhibitions are on display through August 20th, 2016. cartoonist/artist Eric Garcia produces "historically based, politically charged criticism, with the goal of creating dialogue about contemporary issues”. That’s how Garcia describes his artwork. A versatile artist working in an assortment of media, from paintings, to hand-printed posters, to sculpture installations, Garcia’s art has a common goal of educating and challenging. His website is El Machete Illustrated. Follow Eric on twitter [email protected] or friend Eric J. Garcia on facebook.  Contact Mr. Garcia and BC.




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