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July 02, 2015 - Issue 613

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 Southern Heritage
By Chuck Siler
Carrollton TX July 02, 2015 - Issue 613: Southern Heritage - Political Cartoon By Chuck Siler, Carrollton TX

Comment by Brother Chuck about this cartoon

Cartoonists have a job that makes us have to be cultural psychologists.  We hear things, read between ines and ask "why".  My conversation (I won't say with whom) started with who makes the flags and the comment was made, "probably some slave woman." That piqued my interest and made me stop to think during pre, ante and postbellum most of the sewing was done by black women in the employ of the rich.  Of course there were white seamstresses and they got the credit in the press but when I applied that to the War of the Slaveholders' Rebellion it didn't seem likely that folk plotting treason would be very open about it, so flag sewing wouldn't be like quilting bees.  So I followed a line of logic that might have been skewed but I'm hoping that it provoked thought.  I know that a great many of those Mardi Gras costumes in New Orleans are sewn by African Americans to this day.  The Mardi Gras Indians produce their own suits and that also applies to Zulu.  Of course, in many cases these are family affairs.  As far as the stars and bars are concerned, I'll always have that question about 'who sewed what?' in the back of my mind. artist/cartoonist Charles E. "Chuck" Siler's works feature a variety of themes ranging from New Orleans' lively and unique jazz scene to its lively and equally unique political scene. He uses his art and political cartoons to comment on life's complexities, warts and beauty marks.

His creations include fine watercolors and acrylics and pen and ink cartoons. His cartoons are featured on a regular basis in The Louisiana Weekly.

A Katrina evacuee, Siler has spoken on New Orleans history across the USA at universities and culural events. Contact Mr. Siler

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