May 23, 2013 - Issue 518 Rush Limbaugh . . .President Of White America - Sharp n’ Blunt By Desi Cortez, BC Columnist

Who Really Speaks for “White America?”

Well wait, before we determine “who” - there’re those White folks who’ll hysterically contend there’s but “one America... indivisible, with liberty and justice for all...


Please, don’t piss-down my back, then try to tell me it’s raining.

Kiss me baby, before you make love to me... you get the picture.

There’s no question that racially, America’s about as diced n’ sliced today as it was at the advent of the 20th century, as it was during the 1920s, through both world wars and into the turbulent 1960s and on thru the 80s with Ray-Gun, the 90s with Rodney King, and OJ.

Arguably, debatably, the United States is as racially polarized as it was in say 1870, five years beyond the end of the War of Northern Aggression... “Secession” is still, still I say, a popular concept down South. Honestly it’s popular in the Heartland and out West as we speak. What fuels the exodus...      racial integration and equality.

Race and economics go hand-in-hand; racism and poverty the workers are of-color, and most of the suits n’ ties, the managers, supervisors, CEO and owners are not. The two groups have polar opposite goals. White Wall Street, White Main Street don’t give a damn about the boulevards of broken American Dreams.

Between the over-the-top hatred exhibited for Obama and the ice-cold indifference shown by the “Right” even to the lynching of a mancub, Trayvon Martin - is there any reluctance to confess this country’s a racial mess? Many will make the point a “lite version” of apartheid still rules the land, despite a Black man sitting in the Oval Office.

Who’s the White man, obviously not a woman of course, but the White man who articulates that enraged, contemptible Conservative mindset: John Boehner, Bill O’Reilly, John McCain?

No, instead I’d say Rush Limbaugh is the lighthouse.

I listen to Rush a couple of times a week, as long as I can stomach it... in an effort to understand the opposition, to develop a feel for what White America thinks. Despite me living in a quasi-gated community where the residents are mostly Republicans (White), there is not a lot of sharing of thoughts beyond the neighborly mundane.

Same thing at work,  race, politics, labor issues. who’s God’s breast are bigger... those are fireside chats seldom had between the races.

In the next breath I’d say Conservative Redneck sage Pat Buchanan, Supreme Court head Antonia Scalia, Redneck rocker Ted Nugent, Redneck politician Rand Paul, Redneck Radio host Sean Hannity, and rich Redneck Donald Trump - these are the voices, the heart n’ soul of angry self-righteous White America.

They speak “for” your White neighbors, if you’ve many in a segregated USA,  and these spokesmen say what most of your White co-workers believe: we’ve gone too far, let’s turn back the clock to 1952. They’ve adopted patriotism as their camouflage to hide the White sheets, and as we all know - Patriotism is the final refuge of scoundrels... and Rednecks.

I’d offer Rush speaks for your church cohearts who’re White, however, Sunday is still the most segregated day of the week in a nation, dig this, where the White majority is, have them tell it... color-blind.

Let’s make no bones about it, forever branded and shamed Democratic senator John “Ken Doll” Edwards was extremely correct with his Presidential run, focusing on the harsh, unspoken reality there’re at least “two Americas,” the White one - Mainstream USA, and the rest of us the US - the Help, i.e, Black N’ Brown America, the underclass, the undereducated and therefore underemployed, the workers, the wage earners, yes  the Help.”

The “haves,”  the “have-nots”... n’ the “have every damn thing.” The land lords, and the land-less

If we’re not indentured servants, we’re indebted flunkies at the very least.

In a multi-tiered society I’ve long regarded myself as a Redneck Whisperer, i.e., an American-of-Color, a Black man who could both talk to and understand the White man. I could, based upon my having spent years out of the urban reservation - South-Central LA, Crenshaw, the 213 and out in deep alpine Colorado Suburbia - those contradicting climates diversified me, equipped me with what is a somewhat rare ability to decipher and dissect the plethora of mumbled jumbled words coming out of White folks mouths.

Here’s what I’ve concluded from my observations and unofficial evaluations... Rush Limbaugh speaks for the vast majority of White folks. No, not all, but much more than half. He certainly speaks on behalf-of most of the “Right” - the GOP Elites, those “Real Americans” i.e., most White Americans, and certainly voting age White dudes. Clearly, Rush speaks for the Confederated States below the Mason-Dixon Line, the Land of Cotton, Dixie. The homophobes and other intolerants.

Face it, as bleak as it is, Rush speaks for everybody White, almost.

His nod either anoints or decapitates a Republican player.

Limbaugh’s a Missouri Aristocrat who’s become an global elitist, both in hat size n’ waist, embodying all the characteristics of the All-American White guy. His pronouncements and opines offend the vast majority of Americans of Color, regardless if they’re crafted to be or not. Rush definitely rubs most Women, of all races, the wrong way and he insults and demeans most people who proudly proclaim themselves worker ants n’ bees.

Rush Represents. Were talking 75% to about what, say 80% of White men who see the nation, the world and the little people who populate it as the unwashed, undeserving masses of dumbasses. Don’t take my word on this, don’t declare my charges of racism as outdated, from yesteryear, no, instead just look to Republican think tank, the Heritage Foundation...

The Right is promoting the notion that Latino’s are dummies. Hispanics have lower IQs than non-Latino whites, and their children and grandchildren are destined to lesser intellectual achievements.

And, we all know what the “Right” has been saying about Blacks. Between embracing the Bell Curve conclusions, Tuskegee experiments, the sub-par treatment Blacks receive at the hands of doctors/teachers/loan officers/cops... it’s a no-brainer these Conservatives despise Blacks.

Rush is the extra-wide floor-to-ceiling mirror who reflects the opinions and concerns of most White Americans. Rush wants to call Michelle Obama a fat Black, uppity bitch, her husband a “boy,” simply because most of Limbaugh’s peers, friends, family and neighbors see the First family as just that. Slavery, segregation and discrimination have flourished in America - why?

Rush wanted Obama to spit in the the late Hugo Chavez’s face, and do likewise to the assorted “Sand Niggers” over in the Arabian desert. Rush n’ the boys wanted the Black President to slight and belittle almost all the 3rd world’s population and political leadership as is the Republican TEA Party company-line, as are the wishes of most on the Right, who just happen to be White.

Americans-of-Color don’t tend to see the nation nor the world as most Euro-Americans do. It seems we feel more connected to and a part of the world. How shocking n’ unexpected?

Just as Dan Snyder, the NFL’s Washington Redskins owner, who’s refused, refused to even consider changing the team’s name from “Redskins” to anything else, being disconnected from the genocide waged against the noble Red man... Rush’s White America has refused to accept the manner in which this empire was constructed and maintains it still verges on tyranny.

Rush Limbaugh, on a daily basis articulates and amplifies the ills n’ woes of this nation’s elitist establishment. He is “heir waterboy,” their man, their President. Columnist, Desi Cortez, was hatched in the heart of Dixie, circa 1961, at the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the by-product of four dynamic individuals, Raised in South-Central LA, the 213, at age 14 transplanted to the base of the Rockies, Denver. Still a Mile-Hi. Sat at the feet of scholars for many, many moons, emerging with a desire and direction… if not a sheep-skin. "Meandered thru life; gone a-lot places, done a-lot of things, raised a man-cub into a good, strong man, produced a beautiful baby-girl with my lover/woman/soul-mate… aired my mind on the airwaves and wrote some stuff along the way." Click here to contact Mr. Cortez.