May 09, 2013 - Issue 516 The Dangerous Ghetto Hustler - Sharp n’ Blunt By Desi Cortez, BC Columnist

All My life, all my entire life I’ve heard this phrase recited over and over and over again in regards to the critical condition, predicament, whatever-in-the-hell you want to call it, which most of Black America finds itself mired in; babies havin’ babies . . .havin babies. That’s been the rock-steady beat, the same beat, a chorus redundantly repeated for over half-a-century.

Babies havin’ babies . . .havin babies

It’s a funky n’ lowdown situation we find ourselves in . . . the mass-production of black babies, born to 18 year old girls. No daddies in site, the father either in Big momma’s basement, or the big house - no education, both unenlightened, rudderless n’ clueless to their role in life as parents and the expectations demanded of young Nubians in 21st century America.

So I can say to you with all sincerity this has been the consistent and constant underlying ill within the “Black community” at-least since the early 1960s, and what we all know - it’s gotten worse, not better. Illegitimacy is now the norm, marriage n’ fidelity is regarded as “actin” White” -  “husbands n’ wives” have morphed into “my niggah and my bitch/ ho/babies momma . .  .”

“Work” is a four letter word to some. . . . sorry,  just like there’s “White trash,” there’s “Black trash” and at some junction in the road, we’ve got to throw overboard the trash, and focus on the reachable, teachable, salvageable . . . savable.

It’s virtually impossible to save those who don’t wish to be saved . . . .   

Now, just as the “Chickens do come home to roost,” so do the gangsters, hustlers, hoodlums and thugs . . . they roost amongst us - raping, pillaging and murdering their own - us, you n’ I. Of course few of us we admit this . .  We live in fear of our children. And how do we solve a problem we made, hand-crafted, sat in front of the TV or allowed to “rip n’ run the streets . . . ?”

Trust me, I know I’m airing our dirty laundry, I once got sued by the Denver NAACP for millions, the case was thrown out, but I was making the point, over a 50’000 watt radio waves,  I’m making here - most Black folks, be they in Boston, Austin, Seattle or Battle creek . .  .ain’t nobody really running from hooded White boys with shotguns, over-zealous cops in paramilitary uniforms - yes,  but that's another conversation over cocktails. No, instead we’re all walking’ around living in-fear-of LeTay neesha's 3 fatherless boys, who’re breakin in houses and cars, nuggin’ folks . . . . molesting girls . . ,  killing each-other and the in-the-way innocents, the “collateral-damage” at a pace of 500 a year, a year, year-after-year.

Yeah, that’s where we are, as a people, as a crumbling nation within a crumbling empire.

No, here’s where we are . . . . .CHICAGO,  (UPI) - Chicago law enforcement officials should reach out to Illinois and U.S. governments for help stop homicides in Chicago, a retired U.S. Army general said. Retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honore, during a news conference Thursday, suggested Chicago officials call on the National Guard, if necessary, the Chicago Tribune reported.

"Just like we do with any disaster, when the tornado comes or the floods come, the federal government comes in to help," he said.

"Let's not let this be about pride: 'We are big ol' Chicago, we are too proud, we can handle this.'

"Maybe you can't handle it. If you need help, get the federal government here. But let's control the streets so children and elderly people can be in a safe community," Honore added.

Yes, it’s horrifically gotten to the chaotic point, to save the children and grandmothers . . . the argument can, and is being made to bring in the White man’s army to assist the local police to stop Black men from killing Black people . . .

Unbelievable isn’t it?

The General here is the Cajun cat you may recall from Hurricane Katrina who came on the scene like “Sergeant Buffalo” and told the army men to “put them god damn guns down, don’t point them at these folks, there refugees, not criminals . . . “Or something to that John Wayne effect. Translation and classification for my militant comrades. . he ain’t no Uncle Clarence Thomas . . .

Nonetheless, the dire-situation Chicago is in isn’t solely the White man’s fault. Forget excuses to bring in troops, look at the valid reasons. We‘ve played a significant role in our own decline. We don’t want to hear any of Bill Cosby’s grandfatherly, and thus constructive criticism of our “Black people gone buckwild” lifestyles which lead to the gangster/hustler characters which dominate our music, movies . . . we don’t read so i can’t say books . . .

How do You keep a secret from a Black man . . . put it between the covers of a book - he’ll never look there. 

If this ain’t some deep and dire times we are livin’ in . . . go ask Angela Davis or Bobby Seale, Black Power blue-bloods both - they'll tell you the Soledad brothers, George n’ Jonathan Jackson, Huey P. all the Revolutionaries of my youth, they’re spinning in their graves . . . witnessing the carnage, the self-destruction played out on the streets of Fresno, Omaha, Birmingham . . . .  We’re doing the dirty work of the Klan and the TEA Party.

Her, let me load-it-up, and break-it-down with a piece of Malcolm’s mind from his autobiography;

“And because I had been a hustler, I knew better than all whites knew, and better than nearly all of the black 'leaders' knew, that actually the most dangerous black man in America was the ghetto hustler. Why do I say this? The hustler, out there in the ghetto jungles, has less respect for the white power structure than any other Negro in North America. The ghetto hustler is internally restrained by nothing. He has no religion, no concept of morality, no civic responsibility, no fear--nothing. To survive, he is out there constantly preying upon others, probing for any human weakness like a ferret. The ghetto hustler is forever frustrated, restless, and anxious for some 'action'. Whatever he undertakes, he commits himself to it fully, absolutely. What makes the ghetto hustler yet more dangerous is his 'glamour' image to the school-dropout youth in the ghetto.These ghetto teen-agers see the hell caught by their parents struggling to get somewhere, or see that they have given up struggling in the prejudiced, intolerant white man’s world. The ghetto teen-agers make up their own minds they would rather be like the hustlers whom they see dressed ‘sharp’ and flashing money and displaying no respect for anybody or anything. So the ghetto youth become attracted to the hustler worlds of dope, thievery, prostitution, and general crime and immorality.”

Key line; What makes the ghetto hustler yet more dangerous is his 'glamour' image to the school-dropout youth in the ghetto

Does anyone want to argue the impact, from about Superfly, 1972/73 on - to life ain’t nutin’ but bitches n’ money, to “Get rich or die trying.”  Hollywood’s  glamorization has led to a culture-wide glorification of gang-bangin’ pimpin’, n’ pushin across the real Black world, has it not?

Today Black American culture has regressed to the Atlanta Housewives, the Braxton Family Values, , Married To Medicine  . . .  it’s Sapphire, BuckWheat, Stepp-in’ Fetch-it, Uncle Remus brought back to life by Black folks, useful idiots  trying to keep it “real.”

Let me circle-the-block on that one . . . , yes, useful idiots them all, pawns in a bigger game.

What other choice are we left with but to have a Black General, with Black Officers commanding Buffalo Soldiers.   Hopefully bring “law n’ order” to the streets of Oakland, Dallas, Miami, Detroit . . . ? Yes, let’s do this coast-to-coast, counterbalance the Redneck police forces. Perhaps this is a realistic opportunity to “take back” our communities, recreate neighborhoods, safe, secure, family-friendly neighborhoods with good schools that have actual PTA’s. A place where trade and commerce can thrive, industry will provide breadwinner jobs.

Pollyannish yes, Black Mayberry RFD, yeah . . . but why not? Why can’t little Black boys n’ girls walk home from school and not fear gunfire from the Bloods, Crips, Vice-lords or Dum-Dums might take their life; when will peace and  tranquility be a priority for the politicians, educators, preachers and activist? Columnist, Desi Cortez, was hatched in the heart of Dixie, circa 1961, at the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the by-product of four dynamic individuals, Raised in South-Central LA, the 213, at age 14 transplanted to the base of the Rockies, Denver. Still a Mile-Hi. Sat at the feet of scholars for many, many moons, emerging with a desire and direction… if not a sheep-skin. "Meandered thru life; gone a-lot places, done a-lot of things, raised a man-cub into a good, strong man, produced a beautiful baby-girl with my lover/woman/soul-mate… aired my mind on the airwaves and wrote some stuff along the way." Click here to contact Mr. Cortez.