Apr 04, 2013 - Issue 511

BlackCommentator.com: Pagones’ Attempt to Rape Tawana Again - Point Blank - By Chris Stevenson - BC Columnist

No other city practices the upkeep and maintenance of White Supremacy in all it’s intricacies more than New York City. Today, Steven A. Pagones runs a private investigation firm. He needs to investigate himself.

In the northeast it’s not the racist perpetrator that’s the problem as much as their supporters who hold on to their ridiculous beliefs. These are the regular “normal” blue-collar whites who suddenly fill in the holes of these unholy incidents. The height of racism is being racist and having a disclaimer.

They still want us to believe that a 15-year-old black female honor student concocted a “hoax.” We were specifically instructed, if you recall, that it’s entirely possible for a black woman to rape, beat, scrawl racial epithets, and smear dog feces on herself, stuff herself in a plastic bag and leave herself for dead. Extreme measures, we were told, to make up an alibi for coming home from a party to avoid the wrath of her strict Stepfather.

New York City wishes all black females raped by white men to be hoaxes of convenience to keep their white selves and their records clean, so they can avoid placing value on black skin and continue attending sporting events and pizza and sub shops in peace. New York City chooses to ignore the statements of the Executive Director of the ambulance service who said Brawley did not respond to three tests to help her regain consciousness, 1-verbal and shaking, 2-painful stimuli i.e. pinching the skin, 3-opening an ammonia capsule and running it underneath the nose. Yes that’s right, most of Pagones’ fans are pizza-and-beer-guzzling paramedics. So when the same ambulance service stated that on a scale of 1-to-4 relative to death, Brawley was a two and a half, white New Yorkers and their few black supporters knew better.

On the question of alleged co-rapist police officer Harry Crist, some consider his death to be unrelated to Tawana. In fact, a grand jury ruled his death a “suicide” (Brawley’s attorney, Alton Maddox, says she identified Crist after he was dead), and just a coincidence that it came a day after she made another statement to the police on 11/30/87. Her legal team strongly suspected homicide. “If we had thought that Tawana was lying, we would have taken her to the woodshed and whipped the daylights out of her,” said Maddox. Strangely enough, big media opts not to examine his death as closely as other aspects of the case. This is a miracle considering the tabloid-supermarket-style of the Times and Post.

Grand jury rulings - except for their direct legal affect on the case - are really neither here nor there. A grand jury can tell you it’s Tuesday on a Saturday and all you need do is count the number of people who’ll believe them. Brawley (Now a LPN living in Virginia and according to the NY Post going by the name Gutierrez) seems to have been done-in by a Judge who handed down a default ruling without serving a summons or complaint. It’s not the first time they went after her financially, but this time they stand to garnish her for a 4th of her income pretty much for life. Rapists wanted, willing to do BFs only. Top pay.

Steven Pagones is enjoying his time on the white horse of criminal immunity in a city where racism wins often enough to make the old south jealous... It’s no coincidence he refused to talk to the FBI or take a polygraph from them. A charge of a rape kit being stolen from a hospital by an arson investigator said to be known to Pagones, should be looked into also. If you are really interested in the truth then understand the real relationship and circumstances between Pagones and Crist. It would behoove you to watch “The Real Story of Tawana Brawley” and listen to the results of autopsy and pathologists and not talk-radio and racist cheerleaders. Two attorneys no longer practice law as a result of this, so finding out as many facts as you can is imperative. The biggest message this sends is, how hard and vigorous can any black lawyer defend a black defendant against a white perpetrator or accuser? In a city as extreme as New York, there doesn’t seem to be much room for that (not that this should discourage you - truth is priceless). There seems to be some animus towards Maddox because he went to the mat for a lot of black defendants pro bono. It behooves black attorneys to be policy-breakers that same way a black cop has to be.

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