Feb 28, 2013 - Issue 506

Chris Brown and Rihanna...
Their Ultra-Dysfunctional “Relationship”
Is Precisely What’s Wrong
With Black America

Yes, I know there’s dysfunctionalism across White America, however that’s irrelevant and meaningless to the plight of Black folks; if White folks, collectively, have got a cold or some perhaps even the flu, we Black folks must have Cancer, Tuberculosis, Polio, Leprosy.

I know, I know, I know, the poster boy n’ girl are “Black Royalty” in the sometimes trifling’ world of Black popular culture. Think James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor, circa 1955, dipped in chocolate. Billy Dee n’ Diana Ross - updated. And to an even greater extent, Brown and Rihanna are “crossover” stars who “represent” and are symbolic of “Black love” and adored by kids all over the planet, but their tale is littered with acts of immaturity, violence and stupidity.

Ken n’ Barbie bronzed, and as hollow inside as the Mattel dolls.

Nonetheless, I’m sorry I’ve got to be a cloud on a sunny day mon, but these two full-grown teenagers, their adult-child melodrama is sad to say a tragic example of the ills n’ woes which plague my people - we’re so ignorant and uninformed that we can’t decipher folks are laughing at us, not with us.

Did you dig that... laughing at us, not with us.

This pair’s affair, and pop-culture’s elevation of them, the widespread acceptance and adulation of these two Buffoons... their notoriety and popularity, it not only reflects upon our “Black world” - but all the loooooove they receive condones the upside-down/inside-out ass-backward world they, you, we dwell in.

Yes, the whole soap opera glorifies our contemporary Back culture’s dysfunctionalism. Their affair embodies the thuggarazation, the ghettoization and ultimately the tragic “niggerrazation” of our once proud Afro-American culture.

Can I get the Last Poets to help me...

Niggers come in from work and change into pimping clothes

And hit the streets to make some quick change

Niggers change their hair from black to red to blond

And hope like hell their looks will change


Nigger kill other niggers

Just because one didn’t receive the correct change


Hey-sit back , wee-lax before you start demanding they pull my Black man card, demand back my secret “Black man” decoder ring and my White Canvas Chuck Taylors and my sacred “Cake cutter” afro- comb...

Of course I’m not saying they’re the only representatives of Black love; we’ve got The First Family - the Obamas. Or even Tinsel Town’s everything-they-touch-turns-to-titanium love bunnies Beyonce and Jay-Z as examples of “wholesomeness” - an essential, it seems, “fast-laning-it” Black folks have a disdain for.

But you know, like I know... the “Black family” seldom, 1 in 4, 1 in 5 “families” looks like the Obamas.

And our intellectual base defends and rationalizes that horrific fact, while we all know it’s a pre-determining indicator of impending hard-times/the chaos we see around us - broken, busted, maleless families. And it’s so pervasive that we, yes we, act like it’s the way it ought be. Women don’t yearn for a good man, a husband, a father for their children... Black men don’t desire families, they just want stables of whores... yeah, “trifling” is the word I’m looking for.

I wouldn’t want my son to grow up to be like young lost Mr Brown, an abuser of women. This is a crime which ought to be, in a more-perfect world, about as low as a coward-with-testicles can go. And I sure-as-hell wouldn’t want my daughter bringing this mancub home. And sad to say, the last porcelain princess I’d want my little girl to emulate and imitate is a “lady” like Rihanna.


Bimboism” is Rihanna, she personifies the term “object.” coupled with her back-alley low standards, this insane ability of her’s to “stand by” her punk. Please! To accept the abuse of a popular pretty-boy weasel as she does - is a disservice to young black ladies who horrifically take their clueless-cue from her, and only encourages the Black neanderthals.

Forgive me, my old man didn’t say a damn thing about sparing the feelings of so-called grown folks. And if you think I owe these two clowns an apology - you’re crazy. It’s sad we Black folks can’t stand the “Bill Cosby” truth. We got to have “Big Momma” sit us down n’ rub our tummies... blame and attribute all our individual ills and woes to the White devil.

The White man didn’t backhand Rihanna - that piss-poor example of a man Chris Brown did, and his boys laughed along with him afterward.

Boys is the key word there.

Look, I spend my day working in a inner city/urban/Black, right off MLK Blvd, public middle school, been there for almost a decade, and I can say to you with all certainty that both these cartoon characters are admired and praised by the rank n’ file student body... his abuse of her is rationalized, minimized and justified... by girls even - “you know how girls can be talkinMr Cortez, you know she said some stuff to make him hit her...

Let’s not treat this in some superficial manner, “our” as in Black folks, our institutions and organizations which still shine a spotlight on them. The acceptance, embracement, anointment and immolation of this couple... are a large significant slice of what’s wrong with us. A people already running far behind in the race... and we lower our standards.

“Women are born, ladies are made... Men are born, gentlemen are made.” Hand-crafted by the absolute love of parents, that’s two people – who have as a top-priority preparing their children to live a better life than they did. Horrifically, our Black American culture has been stripped down to what we see today, babies, mommas and my Niggah.

This is our own branding of ourselves, not White society’s.

Honestly, I seldom if ever inquire of a Black child, and for that matter Latino... “where’s your dad…?” The answer tends to be sad, predictable and half of the time, tragic. 

We have three or four lost generations of babies having babies, then raising babies who’re having babies... without a good man in sight. No?

While let’s admit we’ve redefined what a “man” is, what a “lady” is, what a “husband” is. Predictably we’ve redefined the “value” of a formal education, of “mastering” a vocational craft…

This is what “my” generation did. Yes we helped get a Black man in the prestigious Oval Office, but we can’t get our own kids out of the dean’s office, the detective’s office, the undertaker’s office… When I start lying, sit me down.

I’m telling you, history will depict the ultra-materialistic Black me/my/X n’ Y generations as weak, soft, gold diggers who turned our focus on the mundane - on furs, Platinum and Porches, and walked around with weak, lame-ass excuses to justify our simplistic pawn-like behavior, a behavior of which our great grand parents would be ashamed.


Niggers act so coooool and slick

Causing white people to say:

What makes you niggers act like that?

Niggers act like you ain’t never seen nobody act before

But when it comes to acting out revolution

Niggers say: ‘I can’t dig them actions!’

Niggers are scared of revolution


Chris is so-cool, and Rihanna’s so-very hot - exactly, precisely what Black American culture desperately needs, another playboy and his bunnie. Not a fireman and nurse, not housewife and dentist, but two airheads who have the ability to sing n’ dance and the people throw them money, so they’re “rich.”

What more can one ask for, right?

Now, granted, I clearly understand there need to be examples of Black beauty and success, but good god, are you serious, this is what passes as an ebony fairy tale, for our youngsters to aspire to?

This is tabloid sheet Jet Magazine Buffoonery.

I ask this question with all sincerity... is there any behavior that shames us?

If not the mass-production of daddyless babies, then what about the shooting gallery Chi-Town has regressed to? Or for that matter, any town or city we predominant? Is there no shameful behavior that we, as the Black court of public opinion, are willing to cop to?

Let me go back to the Last poets:

Niggers do a lot of shootin

Niggers do a lot of shootin

Niggers shoot off at the mouth

Niggers shoot pool, niggers shoot craps

Niggers cut around the corner and shoot down the street

Niggers shoot sharp glances at white women

Niggers shoot dope into their arm

Niggers shoot guns and rifles on New Year’s Eve

A new year that is coming in

The white police will do more shooting at them


I bet anyone within eyeshot of this that Black girls under the age of 14 watch more NBA/Atlanta Housewives type TV then they do “Disney”. They don’t want to be Tiana, or China or any of the more wholesome Mayberry RFD/Cosby Show type Black girls - they want to be Tamar Braxton or one of the Atlanta Housewives role models.

They want to be 21st century renditions of the 20th century stereotypical “Sapphire,” but now, the last few generations don’t read, and have no clue “who n’ what” that derogatory image is. Just as they’ve no clue who was Amos n’ Andy nor StepinFetchit - which in itself explains why they put on minstrel shows in NFL endzones every week during the Fall.

That’s right my friend, this is another episode of “Negroes Lost in Space!” Non-thinking Negroes who call not only each other “Niggahs” endlessly and relentlessly, but then call Asians and Jews Niggers, too.


Niggers are players, niggers are players, are players

Niggers play football, baseball and basketball

While the white man cuttin’ off their balls


I can’t count the times I’ve witnessed our Black kids calling White teachers and administrators “niggers.” Latino Kids go around calling each other Niggers and calling Black kids Niggers, and Black kids defend it. Please note, most are reading, writing and doing arithmetic 3, maybe 4 grade levels behind... go figure.

And they mirror, as in act like and talk like the adults in their households, on the block, in church. Not the White folks across town.

Is it really a Gumby-like stretch if I say our children have been betrayed by their recent lackadaisical ancestors, for without question, we’ve not prepared our offspring to compete within Mainstream US society. It seems we’re more suited for and deliberately prepared for life on the Black reservation.

Rihanna and Brown reflect and embody a lot of what’s wrong with us; it’s too bad we can’t see it.

BlackCommentator.com Columnist, Desi Cortez, was hatched in the heart of Dixie, circa 1961, at the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the by-product of four dynamic individuals, Raised in South-Central LA, the 213, at age 14 transplanted to the base of the Rockies, Denver. Still a Mile-Hi. Sat at the feet of scholars for many, many moons, emerging with a desire and direction… if not a sheep-skin. "Meandered thru life; gone a-lot places, done a-lot of things, raised a man-cub into a good, strong man, produced a beautiful baby-girl with my lover/woman/soul-mate… aired my mind on the airwaves and wrote some stuff along the way." Click here to contact Mr. Cortez.