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 Cover Story: Why Raising the Medicare Eligibility Age Is a Very Bad Idea

Raising the eligibility age is going in the wrong direction. We should be trying to lower the eligibility age, not raise it. What we need is Medicare for everyone.

Animated Political Cartoon - The Twelve Days of Cliffmas By Mark Fiore, San Francisco CA

Why is Anthony Fletcher on Pennsylvania’s Death Row?

Allegations of missing and fabricated evidence, sketchy witnesses, prosecutorial misconduct and crappy lawyering.

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Says Rural Areas are “Irrelevant”

The people can overcome the wealth and power of the few, when they vote intelligently in the interests of all.

Next Black Senator: Tim Scott, Republican

Scott cannot make their racism more palatable or open black ears to their false solutions.

Political Cartoon - Israel’s Other Occupied Territory By Zapiro, South Africa

 Don’t Forget Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale’s Call For Change

Can we at least recall what Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale asked of this nation, almost half a century ago?

 The Unusual Spiral

Would this rash of incidents lead us to believe there’s an epidemic or are these merely coincidences?

Political Cartoon - Maria Santos Gorrostieta, 1976 - 2012 By Eric Garcia, Chicago IL

 Top Ten Signs That Let Me Know Americans Have Transcended Racism!

When a white woman from Wisconsin returns from a trip to New York City and announces to me: “There are Black people with dreads in New York!”

 Barack Obama - Destroying the Legacy of Black America's Struggle

Barack Obama does not "identify" with the "black radical tradition" of struggle in this nation. He is, in fact, the antithesis of it.

The Kwanzaa Season and Economics

African American people should do business with each other during the Kwanzaa season and continue this practice throughout the year.

Art - Ascendant By Kadir Nelson, San Diego CA

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