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I’d suggest Black folks, and all other Americans-of-Color prepare for conflicts and hostility not seen since the early 1960’s in America.

If ever upon a time . . .  America has as its President Mitt Romney, whose Joseph Smith autographed “good book” declares, as Romney’s Book of Mormon does, the entire Black race has been ‘marked’ by God-almighty, brand and  and damned with naturally tanned n’ bronzed skin . . . Call me crazy, but gee, it sure seems the time would be “right” to re-evaluate the ‘Right” here in the alleged US-of-A, to urgently, and critically reassess our peculiar predicament . . . . 

Now if Mitt’s version of the burning bush biblical/mythical truth ain’t deep-enough, for decades “the square-bizness has been Mormons believe, because they’re taught this in their churches -  Black’s have tails, yes,  t-a-i-l-s  tucked down-in our britches  . . . .

Unblinking believable, yes?

When these are the core-beliefs of Mormonism when it comes to defining Black people, I can’t  fathom how it’s an “overreaction”  to be saddling-up my steed, to race across the cyber-countryside spreading the word . . .

The Rednecks are comin’ !

The Rednecks are Comin!

Here, you tell me; when this is White America’s official, sanctioned n’ certified “Chosen One,s’”personal religion . . . and nonetheless - 100% of the Republican TEA Party is willing to overlook this interesting racist tidbit . . .  and a wagon-train full-of genuine, authentic frontier gibberish twisted into religious rituals which are apart of Brigham Young’s religion, when that’s the position White America is taking . . . I’d suggest Black folks, and all other Americans-of-Color prepare for conflicts and hostility not seen since the early 1960’s in America.

Considering the story of America, just about any damn thing is possible. Think Japanese Internment Camps, The Zoot suit Riots and The Tulsa City Riots.

When most of “White America” - is calculatingly isolated and intentionally  insulated from we, the undesirables - and believes as Romney believes - this nation’s first Black President does not love America the way Hal ‘n Charley do down at the plant do . . . . 

The Rednecks are comin’ ! The Rednecks are comin’ !

And when millions upon millions of Real Americans ponder if, this President may is even a US citizen . . . he very well-may be a dreaded Marxist/Communist/Socialist/Black Nationalist Mulatto Muslim, and when you can’t “put nothing past that boy . .  .  ,  then understand and accept  the internal volatility residing within America is at flammable, combustible levels.

You can feel the tension in the air, everywhere.

Somebody ought be discussing the real possibilities of  mindless, random physical attacks on Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans and Asians, as well as the strategic and calculated silencing of “uppity Negroes.” And lest I leave-out women . . . the one’s who don’t know n’ accept their inherently inferior-lot in life.

If the Japanese  couldn’t be trusted after December 7th, 1941, then I doubt they, or for that matter Blacks and Latinos won’t be trusted come November 7th, 2012, another electorial  day which may live on in infamy.

Everybody  responsible for voting Obama into the Oval Office . . . are, after all the enemy of the GOP; a rough translation of that  . . . 80% of White men in America will be at war with  . . . everybody else and most of the world.

White men . . . unleashed.

I don’t think I’m going far enough in stating its not far-fetched to visualize a Mormon tabernacle choir of “nay-sayers, ”the Rick Santorum section,” who’d desire- to, in all aspects of the term - place Blacks back in our assigned 1953  place, back chained-down by racist laws which would diminish our chances at a good education, a good job, a home of our choice, in the neighborhood of our choosing . . . all of which would be revoked, and we’d be placed back in societal chains. .

What Vice President Joe Biden was really guilty-of in the small minds of Republican TEA Party cult members; being a no-good, good for not a damn thing Nigger Luver. They just can’t yet call him that without paying a political price, but you just give Donald Trump and his pompous aristocratic Wall St Pimps a few weeks . . .

Come Halloween, some angry, half-mad White politician or talk show host is gonna come out and refer to the President, or his wife, or his kids even as  . . . Niggers. 

Honestly, who's  surprised the GOP convention goers  threw peanuts at an CNN camerawoman and declare that’s  “how they feed the animals . . . !”

Note; when Romney or his Boy Ryan demean and insult this president, go as far as Romney’s doing and join the “Show Us Your Papers Boy lynchmob, embrace and echo The Don’s demands - this is the rallying call of Good ol Boys from Austin to Boston,   they’re  appealing to a nationwide, nationwide  audience I say, not merely Good Ol Boys down in Dixie.

Last week  a Republican TEA Party Candidate for an Lubbock Texas sheriff  position, one Kelly Rowe, laid-out how he believes Real Americans, i.e., White folks should begin to prepare their neighborhoods, communities and towns for yet-another Civil War if Obama is reelected.

Rowe’s running for office, seeking and appealing to the unwashed White masses - advocating the formation of militias . . . . 

Here in Denver, AM hate radio daily discusses who n’ what Obama really is; his mother was a Commie/Pinko Nigger-luvin’ tramp who can be seen posing nude all over the internet, His father is not the Kenyan Barack Obama, but Frank Lloyd Marshall, the noted Black journalist/photographer/activist , and of course communist  of the era, and the Presidents records, from Kindergarten to college are littered with lies and forgeries.

The 44th President is also bi-sexual . . . .

The character  assassination attempts are daily, but what floors me is the fact . . . nothing is beyond the realm of possibilities since the President is Black. It’s so clear that when  dealing with one of  “his type;” be it lying cheating, stealing, conniving  . . . nothing unspeakable is unthinkable.


I’d wager this is the identical feel n’ flavor of most AM talk radio stations across the not so United States of America.

You can feel the tension in the air, everywhere.

Which leaves me to conclude, horrifically, the Texas lawman Rowe can predict-the-future. His summation of his fellow Caucasians  - they’re standing on-the-verge of creating if they must, another Civil war,  an America at war with itself, divided along lines-of-color, with class, gender and religion taking a backseat to the race,  . .  .  is not merely possible, but likely.

I’m gonna  take his word on it, he’d know how his fellow lodge and klan brothers would feel then I do.


Both my logical and emotional thought . . . a significant percentage of “ White America” which has already “declared war” on everyone with a vigina . . . and is but-steps-from  declaring war on Black people, a war on all Americans-of-color, for, in their delusional, elitist guesstamation . . .  we’re not Americans, hell, we might not even be fully human have certain elements of this New Richt, the “2nd Right” tell it.

Now look, I may be just another brother, the everyday, average Black man, however I’m gonna need, require, demand Black people in positions of power and influence, from Big Momma to Mayor whomever, to try to wake Black folks up to what t-i-m-e it really is . . .

Everybody pass-on a clip of the Last Poets . . . “Wake-Up” and for good measure, “When The Revolution Comes . . . .” We, as a people, desperately  need a 2:37 in-the-AM wake-your-ass-up-call before we’re chained and gagged, forced to return to the back-doors, balconies  and back-seats once more. Columnist, Desi Cortez, was hatched in the heart of Dixie, circa 1961, at the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the by-product of four dynamic individuals, Raised in South-Central LA, the 213, at age 14 transplanted to the base of the Rockies, Denver. Still a Mile-Hi. Sat at the feet of scholars for many, many moons, emerging with a desire and direction… if not a sheep-skin. Meandered thru life; gone a-lot places, done a-lot of things, raised a man-cub into a good, strong man, produced a beautiful baby-girl with my lover/woman/soul-mate… aired my mind on the airwaves and wrote some stuff along the way. Click here to contact Mr. Cortez.

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