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“Coon hunt.”

I know a detached, elitist robber baron when I see one and Mitt Romney is certainly one.

The lynch-mob that is the New, yet very ol’ Republican TEA Party, led by an assortment of fruits n’ nuts - Rush Limbaugh, Karl “Turd Blossom” Rove, the Koch Brothers and their flunky Congressman, Darrell Issa, amongst many - are mounting-up. Their collective aim? To run this President down, stab him, repeatedly, in the back and then string-him-up, and if they can’t get to him, they’ll take any of his boys.

And my choice of boys is deliberate, for it’s precisely how the “Right” sees the Black men occupying positions of power in this administration, such as this nation’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, while it illustrates the 1957 retro-tone the ever-proud “Rednecks” have set.

Holder’s been placed in their pirate gun cross hairs for numerous reasons, but here are two prime factors: he won’t imprison the new Black Panthers who, dig this, “terrorized” voters in Philly in the mid-term ‘10 elections, and he will confront and combat the GOP organized attempt across the nation to suppress/repress the votes of Americans of Color.

Have no question about it, racial hatred is what fuels the blue flame under their asses to “get the Nigger.” He has too much power for a Black man.

Mitt Romney and George Zimmerman have the same goal - to protect good, decent White folks from the evil, dangerous Negroes.

Wait, hang on, let’s not get caught up in semantics; please, please, please let’s not pretend these cutthroated Conservative (sexist, racist and elitist) characters we’re witnessing insult, belittle and demean this president, and his wife, are above racial slurs. No, what we have here are angry White folks who, behind country club and VFW doors, employ throw-around good ol’ genuine, authentic “All-American” terms-of-endearment like Spic, Chink, Gook and the good lord knows ... “Nigger.”

No? Who begs to differ?

I was watching “The Help” with my much better half and I admit, I was, what do you say, taken aback by the mere thought that one of the Southern Bells pondered why the Black Maid/Mammy who tended to, or rather loved, nourished, nurtured trained, read n’ raised her child couldn't, catch this, “take her business outside,” as if she were a barnyard animal.

Ain’t that a bitch?!

Forgive me for being so very cynical but I just don’t believe that racist based arrogance , that White supremacy/Black inferiority complex has vanished within White American culture. I’d wager anyone, if Obama does have the election stolen from him ... that Mitt Romney will have the whole White House refurbished, if not sanitized and sterilized, after Black people, the very folks his Mormon religion once openly believed to have tails under their pants, have left the building.

They’ll burn the sheets, replace the toilets and tubs, furniture and dinnerware ... recall that White America segregated its cemeteries at one time ... if that doesn't reflect an embedded, widespread cultural mental illness, what does? Apparently, according to Ron n’ Rand Paul’s grassroots popularity, its being repressed but yearns to express itself again.

Are you oblivious to the White Backlash sweeping America?

Sorry, I can’t buy the insidious ideas that Mainstream USA, for centuries, maintained about Blacks - our lack of humanness - have faded away and given way to some new 21st century era of enlightenment. Despite the weak effort to craft a “Great Society,” I just don’t see that “legislated morality” has swept the nation since the turbulent 1960s. There were lynch mobs in the 1940s and there’re lynch mobs in 2012.

Hopefully, Black America is not as delusional nor as disconnected as we certainly appear to be.

Between listening to and monitoring the enemy, the unbalanced and clearly unfair FOX News Network and the AM Hate Radio industry - the latter in which I worked for nearly a decade - I can only come to the logical conclusion that “conservative” politicians, pundits, businessmen, billionaires and citizens are one-in-the-same ... John Birchers, Birthers, TEA Baggers, little more than reinvented White Citizen Council members, one trip to Wal-Mart away from buying a white sheet and cuttin’ eye slits in it, runnin’ over to Home Depot for some slats of wood and kerosene.

Can you say lynch mob?

Hopefully, Black America is not as delusional nor as disconnected as we certainly appear to be. Perhaps we can ascertain “why” Eric Holder has been targeted; maybe we can take that fact out of the politica micro-picture that it is, and apply it in broader terms, paint with a big-ass brush, if you will, and realize that all Black folks are targets - from motorist to shoppers to students to prominent athletes and entertainers - there’s a bullseye on our backs.

Afro-American Alpha males and females are on a hit list.

Let’s talk square business: Mitt Romney and George Zimmerman have the same goal - to protect good, decent White folks from the evil, dangerous Negroes like Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Treyvon Martin. White America can buy into both.

Peep this: I grew up in LA, Land of the body bag ... Wanna’ die? Wear the wrong color rag, the 213, luckily my folks whisked me off before I began high school at Crenshaw High, to Denver Colorado, Aurora actually, a snow White suburb of lily White Denver, where I stayed, toured the state college system, raised a family, and still hike, bike, ski and swim, remaining here well into my present mid-life crises stage.

This is all said to illustrate I’ve accumulated a blending of common sense, street sense, and formal schooling, resulting in my having a super-keen internal barometer that can detect a full-of-you-know-what slickster/hustler at 20 yards. Thus, I know a detached, elitist robber baron when I see one and Mitt Romney is certainly one.

I’ve walked amongst those who may not actually be the enemy, and note I say may not, but who are certainly the oppressive opposition. I’ve broken-bread and chewed-the-fat with angry White guys at all social levels - White Trash to Aristocrats, I well understand White folks; I was that lone Blackface, the only one in the classroom/car/mall/party/game - you name it.

One has to learn “good White folks” from typical, average, everyday White folks.

I just don’t believe that racist based arrogance , that White supremacy/Black inferiority complex has vanished within White American culture.

I can decipher through all the little “white lies” to detect the true “reasoning” of the Angry White person viewpoint because I’ve lived amongst them for a time, learned their different ways, their individual/collective, am I to say “uniquely pompous and grandiose perspectives” on society and life, i.e., their crap doesn't stink; they are “better” then any other peoples of the planet; they put on their pants differently then the rest of humanity - elements Romney embodies and personifies.

See, I’m proficient in analyzing Redneck customs and ways.

Speaking in general terms ... “The Right,” which is vastly comprised of White folks, and constitutes roughly half the nation’s voting population - simply doesn’t like Black folks, as well as most other people of color. To deny the current high level of resentment and animosity held towards this President and the chocolate-chunk of Americans who put him in the White House, i.e., Americans of Color, is to reject the obvious as well as the story of a defiant America that had to be dragged, kickin’ n’ screamin,’ to the table of inclusion and equality.

If the Republicans nominate Humpty Dumpty, Paul Bunyan, the Abominable Snowman, or Mitt - as long as he ain’t Black or Democrat - he’ll garner millions upon millions of votes.

Nevertheless, most Blacks naively can’t measure the contempt, scorn and disdain those on the political “Right,” who call themselves everything from TEA Party members to Klansmen to Republicans, have for Blacks. I’d argue most Blacks believe White America to be merely indifferent towards them, concluding we’re but a BET reality sideshow attraction, when in all actuality, millions of “real Americans” harbor an alarming amount of hostility and ill-will towards Black folks.

We’ve both stolen and contaminated their country’s culture, have them tell it.

So when I say to you, as Black folks, amongst us are so many who simply don’t grasp how much Barack Obama, Eric Holder, the handful of other Blacks the President’s placed in decision-making positions of power piss off White people, and specifically White men, to the point of forming lynch mobs, I sincerely believe just that.

Political assassination is but the first option; there are others.

And least I omit: the anger Republicans have for Obama is amplified because of, and this is critical all the Niggerluvers in this administration - the Liberal/Progressive White folks he’s brought aboard his team. Amongst the anger that you feel emoting from (Representative Darrell) Issa, thru your TV screen, is stocked higher n’ higher because of the betrayal factor; the Representative sees any white person who is a Democrat as either soft, weak, childlike or spoiled, but nonetheless an “enabler,” who helped bring about these “dark days” of Obama.

Understand how angry White folks/the GOP Base see it. The only reason they must contend with Obama is because of White guilt, on which the “Left” has a monopoly, and if it weren't for FDR’s New Deal, LBJ’s war on poverty, the alleged support JFK and RFK had for MLK and his Dream, we’d all still be unable to vote and the token racial integration and the resulting mild diversity we've achieved would remain a suburban dweller’s nightmare - instead of the present-day American reality.

Please note; “The Right” strongly believes they have it all figured-out...

He has too much power for a Black man.

Holder sits in this black-hearted Black President’s Black House at this President’s black roundtable, one of his black Knights/thugs, and there exist between them some initiate Black bond. There is a, on the behalf of White folks, a hunch, a belief even, which maintains Holder and Obama have an unspoken Black brotherhood bond: Obama will shield Holder so that the Attorney General can fight TEA Party efforts to turn around Black n’ Brown voters. As well as Holder won’t prosecute the Black Panthers because he and Obama are raising a Black Army for the impending race wars, for which White folks are apparently buying up all the guns n’ ammo Sam Walton can stock.

Today, the lynch mob comes for the President and the AG; tomorrow they come for the Congresswoman and big city mayor; the next day the uppity fireman, councilman or college professor; and next week they come for you.

Wake-up Negroes. Get up offa’ that thang, turn-on an’ tune-in before it’s too God damn late and we’re back to “colored restrooms.” Columnist, Desi Cortez, was hatched in the heart of Dixie, circa 1961, at the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the by-product of four dynamic individuals, Raised in South-Central LA, the 213, at age 14 transplanted to the base of the Rockies, Denver. Still a Mile-Hi. Sat at the feet of scholars for many, many moons, emerging with a desire and direction… if not a sheep-skin. Meandered thru life; gone a-lot places, done a-lot of things, raised a man-cub into a good, strong man, produced a beautiful baby-girl with my lover/woman/soul-mate… aired my mind on the airwaves and wrote some stuff along the way. Click here to contact Mr. Cortez.

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