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Cover Story: Immigration, "Reasonable Suspicion" and the Supreme Court - The African World - By Bill Fletcher, Jr. - BC Editorial Board
Political Cartoon - Obama's Band-Aid By Eric Garcia, Chicago IL
Quote to Ponder: "Give me your tired, your poor..." - Emma Lazarus
40 Years after Furman, the U.S. Death Penalty is in Disarray - The Color of Law - By David A. Love, JD - BC Executive Editor
Public Workers and their Unions Endure Constant “Austerity” Attack - Left Margin - By Carl Bloice - BC Editorial Board
China’s Direct Computer Link to US Treasury Auction System - Emancipation from Mental Slavery - By Dr. Horace Campbell, PhD - BC Editorial Board
Political Cartoon - The Willard Waffle Recipe By Chuck Siler, Carrollton TX
Black America: Can You See the Blood on Your Hands? - Keeping it Real - By Larry Pinkney - BC Editorial Board
In A Police Materialist World, Might Is Right! - Represent Our Resistance - By Dr. Lenore J. Daniels, PhD - BC Editorial Board
Dis-membering Stonewall – Inclusion - By The Reverend Irene Monroe - BC Editorial Board
Political Cartoon - Morsi Takes Office in Egypt By Carlos Latuff, Rio de Janeiro Brazil
While Africa Dries Up, the “First World” Grabs Land and Water - Solidarity America - By John Funiciello - BC Columnist
When You Know It’s Wrong - The Other Side of the Tracks - By Perry Redd - BC Columnist
Towards a Social Justice Electoral Strategy: Really? - Nafsi ya Jamii By Wilson Riles, BC Columnist
33rd Annual National NBUF Convention - Worrill’s World - By Dr. Conrad W. Worrill, PhD - BC Columnist

Animated Political Cartoon - Deficibots By Mark Fiore, San Francisco CA

Art: Rise Above Rebel (Video of Paris wall mural installation) By Shepard Fairey, Los Angeles CA
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David A. Love, JD
Managing Editor:
Nancy Littlefield, MBA
Peter Gamble