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In the 16th century, the Spanish and Portuguese managed, without gas chambers or bombs, to slaughter 150 million Indians in

Latin America. With axes! That’s a lot of work, sister. Even if they had church support, it was an achievement. So much so that the Dutch, English, French, and later Americans followed their lead and butchered another 50 million. 200 million dead in all! The greatest massacre in history took place right here. And not the tiniest holocaust museum. The history of mankind is a history of horrors.

-Remy Girard, Les Invasions Barbares, 2003, film

America is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., ‘Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break the Silence,’ 1967

The Root, funded under the leadership of Harvard elite, Dr. Henry Louis Gates, declares the latest shooting too ‘difficult to understand’ (June 8, 2012). The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, no friend to the Black struggle for revolutionary change and democracy, quoted the city’s tough-on-crime mayor, Tim Barrett, who lost his bid to unseat Gov. Scott Walker. The mayor vows to “investigate” the police’s response to the murder of 13-year-old Darius Simmons.

The “difficult to understand” in the Black bourgeoisie media are being ‘investigated’ by the local authorities. You can rest assure that this outbreak of violence is under control. Besides, we expect the posse of notable Black leaders to arrive in Milwaukee shortly - go shopping!

While the boy lay dead, police searched for Spooner’s weapons!

What happened? Another Black child is dead by yet another white man, this time, 75-year-old John Henry Spooner, wielding a firearm. Unlike Trayvon Martin, who was walking on the block were his father lived but just too near Zimmerman’s home, Simmons was in front of his home taking out the garbage. His mother recently moved her family to the Southside neighborhood, a better neighborhood, she thought, safer neighborhood.

Along comes Spooner.

Spooner is a member of the National Rifle Association and a collector of assorted guns and rifles. Someone burglarized his home and, according to him, stole a gun or two from his home. Three thousand dollars worth of firearms - stolen!

Well, Spooner had been in the neighborhood a good ten years and remembers when it was all white and now - well now, it is changing.

He arrives at Darius Simmons home and confronts the thirteen-year-old. He must have stolen his guns!

Darius’ mother comes out of the house and stands with her son. She tries to tell Spooner that they are new and that neither her son nor she knows of any burglary or stolen weapons.

This is not what Spooner wants to hear from these two people. Terrorists? He steps back no less than five feet and fires directly at Darius Simmons who turns to run away. He fires again. The bullet enters Darius’ chest. Darius is dead. According to the MJS, (June 5, 2012), the bullet ‘damaged ventricles of his heart before exiting his back.’

But let us continue because things are not too clear, understandably!

So many people depend on Black Americans not being aware of what is really happening in the world

The Milwaukee police arrive. Darius is on the ground, but they want the mother to allow them to search the house. For two hours ‘while the boy lay dead,’ (MJS), that is, while the boy lay dead, police searched for Spooner’s weapons! Again, the police searched for Spooner’s 3,000 worth of weapons, and in the process of searching, wrecked the family’s home!

No weapons, stolen or otherwise, were found.

One of Darius’ brothers was arrested and held in detention all day for a ‘year-old truancy violation.’

‘‘It’s just unconscionable,” Rainbow Push Coalition executive, Tavis Grant, said….of the actions of police described to him by Darius’ mother, Patricia Larry.’

“Unconscionable” is the Black bourgeoisie’s willingness to do just about anything for the opportunity (equal opportunity, please!) to steer capitalism’s exchange of humans for access to more capital. At the helm of blood-soaked vessels, christened Exxon, Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Raytheon, Lockheed, etc., they measures progress by the number of corpses they submit to oblivion.

(I remember the expression of sheer hatred from these skull and bones!)

The church, All Peoples, where the family attends service, organized a prayer service. America breathes a sigh of relief. No Black Panther Party, Halleluiah! If the mission of the U.S. Empire is to achieve global submission to its interests, then political, economic, social, and cultural submission to a higher power is quite understandable and familiar to Black Americans.

Republicans! The Tea Party! The rabid racist! “Immigrants!” “Terrorists!” Mexicans and A-rabs! The devil! - If the church says, “Amen,” who are we but humble Revs to contradict!

The Black Bourgeoisie’s partnership with Congress grants the latter the right to frame the legal privilege of capitalists to control and manipulate this and any other country’s resources.

The Black Bourgeoisie’s partnership with Congress grants the latter the right to defend all modern-day conquests of capital and resources.

The Black Bourgeoisie’s partnership with Congress grants Black Americans the right to vote - to vote - for those serving in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches on behalf of “the family’s interests.”

Republicans! The Tea Party! The rabid racist! “Immigrants!” “Terrorists!” Mexicans and A-rabs! The devil!

…Not President Obama! The new breed! The latest and sharpest model autonomic creature, sitting in the big chair, thanks God!

Let us point our collectives to the heavens and a narrative of Exodus - always a seller in times of crisis! Prayer service to follow! Shopping - all evening!

Thank the website for this long but not exhaustive list of what Obama is responsible for since he became Commander-in-Chief and Savior of the corporate world:

·         Obama signed NDAA into law - assassinating US citizens w/o trial now legal

·         He has waged war on Libya without congressional approval

·         He has started a covert, drone war in Yemen

·         He has escalated the proxy war in Somalia

·         He has escalated the CIA drone war in Pakistan

·         He will maintain a presence in Iraq even after “ending” war

·         He sharply escalated the war in Afghanistan

·         He secretly deployed US special forces to 75 countries

·         He sold $30 billion of weapons to the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia

·         He signed an agreement for 7 military bases in Colombia

·         He opened a military base in Chile

·         He touted nuclear power, even after the disaster in Japan

·         He opened up deepwater oil drilling, even after the BP disaster

·         He did a TV commercial promoting “clean coal”

·         He defended body scans and pat-downs at airports

·         He signed the Patriot Act extension into law

·         He continued Bush’s rendition program

So many people depend on Black Americans not being aware of what is really happening in the world. Leave it to God and we Revs will leave it to “our representatives in Washington.

Journalist Jeremy Scahill calls it “murder.” Drone killings that Black Americans dutifully assume are Bush drones or the devil behind Obama! Some 2,800 civilians have been killed by Obama’s drones - and most of those deaths have been children.

Ask yourself if you are so blessed to be an American and not a “terrorist”

Scahill: “If you go to the village of Al-Majalah in Yemen, where I was, and you see the unexploded cluster bombs and you have the list and photographic evidence, as I do - you will see that the women and children represented the vast majority of the deaths in this first strike which Obama authorized on Yemen…Those people were murdered by President Obama, on his orders, because there was believed to be someone from al-Qaeda in that area.”

Between the conferences and fundraisers hosted by non-profits and profiteers, between the purchasing of new cars and high-definition television systems and vacation airline tickets, between the honorary awards ceremonies and television appearances, between the funerals for young Black children murdered here by vigilantes or good ole’ Americans who love their guns, and law enforcement who are just doing their job, see the unnamed children slaughtered weekly by the Commander-in-Chief’s weapons of mass destruction. Look at these photos of bloody, limp children and try to understand that you are looking at the U.S. Empire’s “War on Terrorism.”

Darius Simmons will not be the last Black child murdered in the U.S., and other children will die in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Iraq, so ask yourself if you are so blessed to be an American and not a “terrorist.”

-because you are a terrorist!

This should not be too difficult to understand! Editorial Board member and Columnist, Lenore Jean Daniels, PhD, has a Doctorate in Modern American Literature/Cultural Theory. Click here to contact Dr. Daniels.

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