Click here to go to the Home Page This revolution was televised. . . .I hope folks took notes. By Desi Cortez, Guest Commentator

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It may be history comes to regard the Egyptian Revolution . . . which was televised, live, via dish, from the land of the burning sand, from beginning to end, as the official beginning of the end of   imperialism in the Arab/Northern African world, perhaps the end of  lingering  Western influence and manipulation  . . . in other parts of the world.

Since Mubarak refused to give the people what they wanted . . . the people took what they wanted, and in doing so they illustrated, highly defined the concept of Power to the People. . . . All Power to the People.

The Egyptian Coup De Ta may become, not merely a �blueprint�  which will be implemented in the Arabian World . . .  but globally, to the four-corners of  a 21st century world . . . because �a little revolution� is direly needed around the world. Obviously there�s still a burning bush type truth to the sobering  thought �the sun never, ever,  never ever set�s on the American nor British Empires.�

It seemed what the Egyptians were demonstrating, providing for all the world too behold was a 2nd millennium virtual text book/Power Point  demonstration  for all the world to behold of Power to the people! How to utilize technology to organize and well orchestrate your forces and resources.

Since history has a habit of repeating itself . . . that phrase shook White America in the midst of the 60s, becoming a cornerstone in the Black Power movement. Black Panthers, Panther supporters and sympathizers, the little people, the unwashed black, brown, yellow and red masses across an then unquestionably divided United States proudly wore that exact phrase on the lapels of their black leather jackets, Levi jackets or Berets. �Political  buttons�  boldly, defiantly  stating, in stark, dramatic colors �Black Power� �Power to the People� �Free Huey,� �Free Angela,�  and unquestionably the most ominous . . .  �Off the Pigs.�

It was a different time, a different place, a different America, hell a different planet. The question is . . . how different is the US really, today in the "having overcome" era of Obama?

I can make the argument, right here n� right now,  the Black American Empire,  the  informal empire within a crumbling US empire, is today a place where you�ll find more young Black men in San Quentin State Prison then Pacific State College, more in the Cemetery then  into Chemistry, more on Crack then willing, wanting, actually able to crack open a 6th grade geography book and not sound like an 1854 runaway slave who�s never been educated.

Between the Bloods, Crips and local Police departments . . . it�s open season on young Black males.

Who amongst us can deny, we, as Afro-Americans are under-attack, both internally - waging war amongst ourselves, still battling the self-hatred Willie Lynch has embedded within us, and  today confronted with the New Klan, the Republican Tea Party, organized and inflamed paranoid, perhaps somewhat rightfully paranoid plagued people . . .  armed, well armed, terrified, angry White people -who long-ago were convinced  the mud people -  Blacks, Browns and all the hues in-between live to, endlessly yearn for - the White man�s bling, their All-American lifestyles and savagely desiring their Nordic Princesses . . . .

White America�s convinced all the conquered people from American history, all of those decedents of people who�ve been pimped and exploited . . . we seek revenge, payback  for what the everyday white person even realizes- they  themselves, deep down inside, grasp the barbarism and terrorism waged against  . . . everybody. Many believe they too  would seek revenge against White folks upon weighing and measuring the story of America, so they believe we can�t wait to paint our faces and put on James Brown�s �The Big Payback.�

With such fear and disdain well noted, doesn't your city sound like my city; the newspaper opinion pages and local AM talk radio sounds like the second ride of Paul Revere . . .  The Niggers are comin�! The Niggers are comin�!

Honestly, more precisely - its �the Niggers are comin�� . . . right along with �the Spics are comin��  build a wall, drudge-out a gator infested moat, erect the gun towers . . .  Seriously . . . I�m not Gumby stretching the truth. America, from coast to coast is sounding the alarms - �The Sand Niggers are comin� � �The Chinks� are comin . . . Ricky Bobby n� Jethro Bowden, better get your personal night vision equipped assault rifle, bazooka and armored family SUV.

Hey, lets be Frank n� straight about this;  It sure seems, thru the eye�s of an American . .  of-color - well-over half of �isolated and insulated� White America has had to be dragged, kickin� n screamin�all the way to what,   token integration and watered-down diversity? And now with just an half-Black man staining the White House. sheets . . . Good ol� boys n� gals are forming lynching parties,  from Alaska to Nebraska,  Frago to Key Largo. Texas and South Carolina lead up more then a few states talking �session.�

How many of my neighbors, and I live in a somewhat all Euro-American enclave - would take snap shots around my hung body, or my sons? How many?

I�d have to  submit White men simply brushed all the racial and economic woes which plagued the nation since its birth under the 3-inch deep shag carpet of 1973;   the Civil rights era was decapitated, the Black Power Revolution beheaded , MLK, Malcolm, Bobby Kennedy, Huey in jail, Angela Davis on the run, go down the list of those Hoover hounded - all  figure-heads silenced. by an WASP establishment.

The oppression and repression seemed to have been working out well until the rainbow coalition Jesse snatched from King in death, finally shun bright enough to attract millions of  this nations misfits and outcast to the 2008 voting both . . . and now the racist/Marxist/ terrorist painting the White House Black,  puttin� card tables on the front lawn, firing-off shot guns on New Years eve and Big Momma�s birthday, that Black son of a nigger lover Obama . . . has  awoken a sleeping racist , sexist and elitist king-sized Redneck - who�ll take America back to the good ole separate and unequal days of yesteryear as fast as you can say �Rand Paul.�

Or as fast as you can say Glen Beck, or The Ku Klx Klan or Rush Limbaugh . . .  they�re all the same.

America seems to be poised,  sittin� on the edge . . . who�s going to start the revolution?  Angry White men locked, stocked and cocked, ready to have Halliburton put . . .  everybody back in the rightful, peaceful places . . . plantations, Internment camps, labor camps outside of town, across the rail road tracks, the other side of the river . . . . Or is it Americans, of-color who will take to the streets, realizing  if we sit quietly and idly by . . . history will repeat itself.

My thought, let�s all go to Malibu, smoke the peace pipe, its damn near legal there, hold hands and sing �this little light of mine . . . � Guest Commentator Desi Cortez is a freelance word-smith, pounding out his thoughts from the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Click here to contact Mr. Cortez.

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