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Jul 1, 2010 - Issue 382

Summer is A-Comin’ In
By Nancy Littlefield Managing Editor



Summer is A-Cominí In and that means many BC readers are leaving school for the summer, going on vacation, doing things a bit differently than they do the rest of the year. Whether it is that they are occupied with other things and arenít visiting BC as often, or that they are saving their money for vacation, whatever the reason, we experience an annual summertime drop in contributions, new subscription and renewals.

But the electric bill, the rent, the phone bill, the IT costs, none of these take a vacation and we find ourselves scrambling to pay the bills. Add to that our commitment to maintaining the Low Income Readers Program, and we find that during the summer, our income is outpaced by our continuing expenses.

Can you help?

Will you go to the contributions page and send some money today?

Will you phone that friend who has been on the fence about purchasing a subscription and encourage them to do it?

Have you been enjoying a free low income readers subscription and find that you really could send some money?

Do you know of a group or individual who would like to become a major supporter of

Seriously, our own pockets are empty and we need your help to make up the shortfall for the cost of publishing BC.

Will you help?

Thank you to all of you who do send regular financial support; BC relies on your generosity. Managing Editor, Nancy Littlefield, has had a diverse career in human services, corporate finance and writing. She has been with since 2005. Click here to contact Nancy.