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January 29, 2009 - Issue 309

Cover Story
Progressive Activist and Actor
Danny Glover
Urges Financial Support
For B



Dear readers and supporters of,

You probably know me through my role as an actor. I have had many roles, on stage and in film, over the years, but today I am not playing a role. I am writing to you as one progressive activist to another. I need you to financially support is one of the most important progressive voices on-line today. What has struck me is how BC has grown over the years in its readership and influence. I see articles from BC regularly quoted, and I hear members of the BC Editorial Board regularly comment on issues of critical importance in today’s world. What I especially like about BC is that there are different points of view represented in the magazine and they are not each taking shots at one another!

Despite this growth, as you well know, BC is in a serious financial hole and its future is up in the air. BC faces the same problem that nearly every on-line magazine faces where it offers its services for free to anyone who wants a free subscription, leaving it up to the conscience of the reader to pay for a subscription or to contribute. On top of that we are living through the worse economic crisis since the mid 1970s, and quite possibly, since the Great Depression. Given that, I know that everyone’s finances are tight.

So, here is what I want to ask of you. I actually believe that there are enough progressive readers out there, including but not limited to African Americans, that through many relatively small contributions, BC can thrive. If BC can accumulate even 1000 $50 contributions, the magazine would be on its way to long-term survival. 2000 such contributions would be even better. You get the picture.

One way to think about this is along the lines of an election campaign. It is not just the contributions that you can make, but the contributions that you can get your friends and colleagues to make together.

I know that I am asking a lot, but at the same time what I am asking is fairly modest. Progressives have to take responsibility for supporting our own institutions. That means that we have to decide which institutions we value and those that we do not .

If YOU value I ask you to make a contribution today. You can do that by clicking here to contribute through PayPal or you can mail in your check or money order to:

(New address as of Nov 2009)
157-B Bridgeton Pike # 254
Mullica Hill, NJ 08062

Thanks for taking this seriously.

In solidarity,

Danny Glover


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