October 16, 2008 - Issue 295

Art: All Stars

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All Stars
By Jim Alexander Photography

Jim Alexander Photography


All photographs are signed and numbered in editions of 100

Iris Giclee prints are made on Epson printers with Epson archival papers and inks.

Silver Gelatin photographs are hand produced on archival fiber based papers.

For purchasing, publishing rights, exhibits or other information please contact Jim Alexander Photography directly via his Website.

Special Offer from the Jim Alexander Collection
This is a Limited Time Offer.....

For over forty years Jim Alexander has been documenting the jazz scene in America and abroad. To raise funds to digitize and archive this work we are presenting a special offer of some of Jim's work at an unbelivable price. These are signed limited edition archival premium prints. A limited number of each edition is being offered at a discount price.

Still Here: Swinging
A 13x19 collage of some of Americas most influential Jazz innovators captured as only Jim Alexander could capture them.
Special Price: $150
Regular Price: $300
S & H: $12

NEA Jazz Masters

This 11x16 portrait by Jim Alexander of 22 NEA Jazz Masters and NEA Chairman Gioia, collectivly represents over 1000 years of jazz.
(names and year of induction included)
Special Price: $ 250
Regular Price: $ 500
S & H: $ 12

All forms of payment accepted... Click here to Visit Jim's Website

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What is a Giclee?

A Giclee (pronounced Zhee-Clay) is a very high end digitally produced archival quality print. Giclees are printed on archival substrates, such as Arches Cold Press watercolor papers, Somerset watercolor papers or specially prepared canvases, with archival, light fast inks, at a very high resolution. Depending on the medium of the original work, giclees are printed on paper or canvas. Watercolor paintings render very well on the watercolor papers, and oil paintings printed as canvas giclees have the rich tonal quality of original oil paintings. Canvas giclees are also coated with a special finishing media to protect the surface. Canvas giclees are stretched and framed as one would display an original oil painting. Watercolor giclees are typically framed behind glass, as one would do with an original watercolor painting.


Jim Alexander has spent over forty years refining his art of documentary photography. A photojournalist, teacher, activist, entrepreneur and media consultant, Mr. Alexander has been on the scene -- at festivals, concerts, cultural events, rallies, demonstrations, meetings and marches, photographing events that guided the course of history.