October 9 , 2008 - Issue 294

Art: Survivors - Katrina Series

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Survivors - Katrina Series
By Larry Richardson

Represented by BlackCommentator.com

For purchasing details please contact

Larry Richardson at [email protected]

This is a large painting on high quality canvas.

Acrylic on Canvas.

Price: $ 7,500 USD

66" x 47"

Artist Statement


This is the first painting in a series of paintings relating to the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina.

The imagery is based on a concept of interest that has condition the motif.
I have made many drawing on this subject of Hurricane Katrina using the human figure, and looked at many photographs most to painful to digest or recreate. The figures in this painting could be related to each other, or perhaps it conveys a sense of loss or loneness. What I have tried to do is convey a thought or feeling that the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina created, juxtaposing the beauty of the human figure. The nude figure has been omnipresent in art especially painting from time immemorial. I have tried to create a feeling of universality. This imagery could be (mythological, romantic, allegorical, historical) this is for the viewer to decide.

“Art that fails to articulate a liturgical mission is a purely decorative form of entertainment, construed to please by deception.” (Emilio Cruz 1938 2004)