September 11, 2008 - Issue 290

Art: Vulnerability a Woman in Darfur

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Vulnerability a Woman in Darfur
By Larry Richardson

Larry Richardson ~ Artist

Acrylic on Canvas 66" x 44"

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Artist statement about the painting,"Vulnerability a Woman in Darfur":

At this very moment genocide is taking place in Darfur.

The Janjuweed is a group of threatening people who are the cause of innocent peoples death. Using rape torture and intimidation the janjuweed’s tactics of ethnic cleansing are very effective. They are heavily armed and are now receiving support from China because the Sudan is an oil rich nation.

The intimidation, rape and enslavement of the people of the Sudan must stop.

I have painted this painting to bring attention the predicament of the people of the Sudan, its called “Vulnerability a Woman in Darfur”. The woman in this painting is being force from her home by the Janjuweed and her faith is uncertain.

I will donate a portion of the sale of this painting to the "Save Darfur" foundation. And

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