August 2, 2007 - Issue 240

Art: Madonna of Darfur

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Madonna of Darfur
By Larry Richardson

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57" x 47" unframed acrylic on canvas stretched by artist.

No reproductions

$7,000 USD

Artist Statement

Madonna of Darfur

This painting is the second in the series relating to Darfur.

The first painting related to the women of Darfur who are suffering violence, atrocities and abduction. The first painting a woman nude from the waste up conveyed the tragic faith that women are subjugated to but enhanced the beauty of the human figure. By creating images that stimulate thought using the human figure I hope to heighten the awareness of what has been described as one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises.

The “Madonna of Darfur” is a confluence of images that have dissimilar values. Completely clothed in what can be described as early renaissance dress strengthens her place in history, imagined or real. The Scallop shell around her neck is the symbol of the traveler and guaranteed her food and shelter. Today in parts of Africa these shells as well as others are very much a part of the artwork and culture. The hooded Falcon by her side is a representation of hierarchy for men in the region of the Sudan soon to be released just as she has dropped the orb to unite herself with the masses.

This is a very brief overview that relates to the imagery. As the Artist my sovereign self my inner core of creativity-that which defines our individuality and what we hold and protect as sacred cannot completely be explained. Ten percent of my portion of the sale of this painting will be donated to the “Save the Dafur Foundation”