June 14, 2007 - Issue 233

Contribute To Our Collective Voice By Supporting The Black Commentator
By Larry Pinkney
BC Columnist

In these times of government repression, heightened de facto racism, national mediocrity and intellectual masturbation, The Black Commentator stands tall and determined as a sorely needed beacon of serious political analysis and information which directly affects particularly Black Americans, and our allies of varying colors.

Make no mistake about it: There are elements throughout this nation that are determined to silence and crush The Black Commentator as a for-real voice of Black America. Serious political discourse and analysis pertaining to, by and about Black people, is considered by some to be threatening to the very foundations of a callous, ostrich-like, white racist America. Nevertheless, the political discourse and analysis consistently presented to the readers of The Black Commentator is absolutely vital to Black people, and each one of us must do our part to insure not only the survival of The Black Commentator but also its growth. We must not let this voice be silenced for any reason, including a lack of financial support.

With respect to the The Black Commentator's many readers, I have consistently been honored by direct contact through email messages to me from some you pertaining to my column, * link to current column 'Keeping It Real With Larry Pinkney.' Thus, I am honored, personally and directly, to know that our readership, in addition to being highly intelligent, is most importantly keenly perceptive and profoundly concerned with respect to the information and political analysis presented by The Black Commentator and the daily life and death challenges facing Black America collectively. This is in itself enormously encouraging, but brothers and sisters it is not enough: Your financial support, in the form of paid subscriptions and or other financial contributions, is essential.

It is important to keep in mind that The Black Commentator represents your voice, your forum of, for, and by Black people and our allies, presenting serious, progressive, and often cutting edged information and political analysis. The intent of The Black Commentator is also to touch the minds and hearts of our readers. Thus, a wide variety and breadth of progressive / radical political thought, information, and analysis is deliberately presented by The Black Commentator. The Black Commentator consciously seeks to reflect varied voices and the wealth of experiences in and of Black America. We of The Black Commentator are collectively your voice. Sometimes what we present makes others uncomfortable, but we Black people know that "comfortable people don't make change;" and we must have real, substantive, and systemic change for Black America and all those who suffer the unacceptable scourge of economic, social, and political oppression. It is from this perspective that I urge our readership to support The Black Commentator.

The Black Commentator is alive because you, our readers keep our collective and potent voice alive. We belong to each other, and without one another we cease to exist. So please take the time right now to financially contribute. So much is at stake for us all.

Even if you personally are unable to financially contribute to The Black Commentator, I request that you nevertheless spread the word about BC far and wide, and ask others to read and contribute, for this is what makes and keeps our voice alive. We all have our important part to carry out in this, our collective struggle! No one of us is as strong or effective as all of us together. Please act now.

You can contribute best by talking out a $50 one-year subscription. To do so click here for the Sign-Up Page. If you'd rather send a check, the Sign-Up Page has a link for the form to send with your check. You can also go to the Contributions Page and make a single contribution. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated. If you want a BC Paid Subscription and yet cannot afford the $50 fee, you may become a member by requesting a Complimentary BC Paid Subscription and choose to contribute any amount you can afford. Through your generosity, you will help to guarantee that the Black Commentator is available to younger readers just starting out and sisters and brothers with limited incomes.

Finally, to the many BC readers that have taken their valuable time to contact me, I salute and thank you.

In struggle,

Larry Pinkney, BC Columnist

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