May 24, 2007 - Issue 231

Why You Should Support the Black Commentator
By Bill Fletcher, Jr.
BC Editorial Board

Too many of us take it for granted.  We assume that this great on-line magazine - - will be here forever.  I have seen this happen before.   I have seen great on-line magazines that received thousands of hits per month disappear because of one thing: the hits were not matched by financial contributions. Only 4% of those who visit BC each week have purchased a subscription; considering how many people read BC through printed copies shared by teachers, co-workers, etc., this percentage is actually much lower. Comparing this with older data, it is clear the BC readership has grown tremendously, and for that, we thank you - and yet the number of financial supporters has not increased enough to continue publishing for much longer.

I need to ask you to write a check to, or send your financial support online. BC needs you to do it now before you think too much about it.  BC needs you to do this because those of us associated with the magazine are sure that you share our love for this on-line publication. The hard fact is that getting through this, our sixth year, requires more money than we have. has become a first-choice media outlet for thousands and thousands of people, from all walks of life, in many countries around the globe. We have all come to trust BC to be an alternative, progressive and credible source of information.  But you know that already.  We just have to make sure that the magazine can continue to publish, and that means dollars.

I hate to ask people for money, but when a project is worthy of the time and attention that so many people have put into it - such as - I feel inspired to make the request.  If you have $50 to spend on a one-year subscription, you can become a member as a BC Paid Subscriber. Please do so. You can click here for the Sign-Up Page. If you'd rather send a check, the Sign-Up Page has a link for the form to send with your check.

If you can only make a one-time contribution, I know that BC would be honored, and you can click here for the Contributions Page.  So, if you have some disposable income, please send some to BC.  And, if you can only make a small contribution, it will be just as much appreciated.

As always, if you cannot afford the $50 fee for BC, you may become a member by requesting a Complimentary BC Paid Subscription. Our business model differs from most others in that we believe everyone who wants to have a subscription should have one, whether they can afford the yearly fee or not. We have never turned down a request for a Complimentary BC Paid Subscription. Presently, the ratio is about 2:1, paying subscriber to complimentary subscriber. We believe this model is the fair way to do business.

Please join while we're still here, so we'll continue to be here - for you.

Thanks in advance.

In solidarity,

Bill Fletcher, Jr., member of the BC Editorial Board

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