March 8, 2007 - Issue 220

Art: The Juice is Loose

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The Juice is Loose
White Amerikkan Screams and Cries
Black Amerikkan Laughs With Open Eyes
It'a Amerikkan as Apple Die
By Fulani Carter

Fulani ~ Artist

Medium: acrylic, airbrush, collage, spray can paint, markers, found objects on canvas

Size: 8' x 6'

Price: $1,000,000 USD

Limited Edition 28" x 20" Poster Prints: $500 USD

Only 1,000 poster prints created - each signed by the artist

This painting has been displayed at the following; Heraldo Rivera show, 1996 ,taste of Chicago 1997,Round the Coyote art show Chicago 1998.

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Fulani has worked in the following areas; fine arts painter, set design, airbrush, fabric designer, spray can art, sign fabrication, video / digital filmmaking and computer graphics.
Fulani attended the following colleges; Howard University Washington D.C., San Francisco Art Institute, Federal City College Washington D.C., Laney College, Oakland Ca and the Chicago Art Institute. He has painted murals in the following cities: Washington D.C., Berkeley California, Buffalo N.Y. and Chicago Illinois. His major influences range from Afrikan art, comics, murals of a political nature and other cultures of the world. Fulani’s interest in art has taken him to Belize, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama.