September 21, 2006 - Issue 198

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Confrontation - Tupelo, Mississippi 1978
by Jim Alexander

Confrontation - Tupelo, Mississippi 1978

(one photograph in the "Struggle" series)

Artist Statement

I shot this photograph at a rally protesting the KKK during Thanksgiving weekend in Tupelo Ms. in 1978.While we were protesting the klansmen having a press conference at the jail, a young lady told me and another brother that the klan was having a rally at the post office. The brother I was with said he was going to go cuss them out, so I said I'm going with you to take your picture. He cussed and I photographed.

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Jim Alexander Photography

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Jim Alexander has spent over forty years refining his art of documentary photography. A photojournalist, teacher, activist, entrepreneur and media consultant, Mr. Alexander has been on the scene -- at festivals, concerts, cultural events, rallies, demonstrations, meetings and marches, photographing events that guided the course of history.