Issue Number 17 - November 21, 2002




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News Release
For Immediate Release
Contact: Co-Publishers Glen Ford and Peter Gamble
e-Mail: [email protected]
VoiceMail: 856.823.1739

The Publishers of are pleased to announce that the Internet publication is now published weekly. now provides commentary, analysis and investigations on issues affecting African Americans, twice as often as before. began as a monthly and quickly moved to every other week publication. Beginning with Issue number 17 on November 21, 2002, began publishing on Thursday of each week.

"It was always our intention to publish on a weekly basis," said Co-Publisher Glen Ford. "African Americans and their allies demand a publication that helps shape the political dialogue essential to the creation of movements for social change. Without regular forums for advocacy and debate, a people are at the mercy of their adversaries."

Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, the lead story of BC's inaugural issue of April 5, 2002, exposed the Hard Right's plan to capture City Hall in Newark, New Jersey. Although this investigation played a critical role in defeating a Black Trojan Horse mayoral candidate, the publishers soon discovered that rightwing money had targeted Black officeholders and institutions, nationwide. Newark was only the tip of the iceberg. "That poisoned tree drops so much nasty fruit we must keep a constant eye on it," said Co-Publisher Peter Gamble. "The struggle for social and economic justice requires an active defense and offense. has become an important tool for progressive movements. We've gone weekly to meet the challenges presented by the hyper-aggressive Right."

In addition to creating the Trojan Horse Watch (recognized in the National Urban League's State of Black America 2002 - August 8, 2002), has exposed the political corruption of the GOP's faith-based initiatives (July 11, 2002), dissected the propaganda uses of opinion polling of African Americans (Nov 21, 2002), documented U.S. government facilitation of the international drug trade (April 5, 2002), and unraveled the lies of a phony election study by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Nov 4, 2002). is regularly cited and quoted in the major corporate media, despite our relentless challenges to their authority and veracity. "When you're consistent and effective, you can't be ignored," said Gamble.

's central mission is to enhance the discussion of issues that drive the evolving Black political agenda. As a weekly publication, we give our readers more to think about, more often, as we continue building the future together.

The Internet has provided a marvelous tool for social change. We at act as social demographers with a mission. Using the Internet as a kind of map, we will continue to gather together individuals, groups and movements that share a common interest in justice and communicate with them, directly and instantaneously.

It is also important to share Black American perspectives with the rest of the world, a mission uniquely suited to the Internet.

As we face the dangers and promise of the new century, debate among Black Americans and people of good will becomes ever more crucial. is designed to nurture such a dialogue, which means exposing charlatans as well as identifying allies. We now invite our reader's participation, Thursday of every week.

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