Issue 115 - November 25 2004

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"Survivors’ Positive Thoughts"
by Larry Richardson

Larry Richardson ~ Artist

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"Survivors' Positive Thoughts"

The process of creating these paintings is very involved. Each one of the images was first drawn in charcoal on vellum. The image was then cut out and applied to Arches paper.

The second step was to find the photos of the flowers and apply them on top of the three images done in charcoal, and then paint the applied drawings with acrylic paint, and other media.

Each image is 24"x 36" on 400 lb. cold press Arches Paper. The women are named after three of Juperters moons.

The originals are unframed and only available as a set

Original price $2,700 USD

Posters of the individual paintings will be available sometime in the near future.

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Artist Statement

“Though these images were inspired by a particular individual, one whom I had never met,” explains Richardson, “I feel that they are universal in their content and objective.”

Richardson goes on to explain the imagery in his new work. “I named the triptych Survivors’ Positive Thoughts because positive thinking helps the healing process. Positive thoughts are revealed in the images as flowers, soft colors and parts of the musical score "Libestraum" (Song of Love). The images of the three women have no hair, which is replaced with flowers, yet they show incredible strength and courage.”

Because most of Richardson’s work as an artist puts women in a central position, he often donates a portion of his profits towards women’s charities. A portion of all revenue from the sale of “Survivors’ Positive Thoughts” will benefit the Breast Cancer Foundation of Los Angeles.

will donate one hundred percent of any commission earned from the sale of this work to the Breast Cancer Foundation of Los Angeles.