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Est. April 5, 2002
Jan 09, 2020 - Issue 800
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When Trump Snaps,
Only the United Nations
Can Save Black America


"Black America 'sleeps with one eye open,' we don’t
know what’s next. This President may brand all
Blacks as 'home grown' terrorist or  'Never Trumpers’
as if it’s a felony to have smelled how very funky
this escaped circus clown was from Jump Street."

Good Day United Nations Secretary General António Guterres,

Just over half-a-century ago, the iron-jawed symbol of Black pride and defiance, Black Power icon Malcolm X was in the process of taking the perilous plight of Black Americans to the United Nations, placing our predicament in front of the global court-of public opinion. Our Great Black Hope was assassinated, and with him died this logical effort.

Nonetheless the grave issues which propelled Malcolm to seek a higher authority; White America, translation, Trump’s America is the cradle of abject blind racism, sexism and elitism, resulting in the systematic nation-wide exclusion and discrimination in all maters which matter remain interwoven into WASP culture. This “blind” hatred all but places the ever elusive “American Dream” of stability, security and the possibility for growth, material and intellectual wealth accumulation far-beyond the reach of most Americans of color.

Those white man-made blockades of 1965 haven’t gone-away because these characterless character traits are deeply rooted, if not embedded in their patriotic and “all-American” mindset

Between Russia’s Emperor Putin and America’s wanna-be King Trump, both deeply desire to establish a stranglehold monopoly on the world’s valuable resources, like black gold, Texas tea and precious minerals in the Middle East. To achieve this form of WASP global domination/supremacy, Trump needs to silence the oppositional majority in America - which is you n’ I - the elements and remnants of Obama's Rainbow Coalition, I’d submit Trump’s capable of doing damn near anything to achieve and maintain power.

Trump's “base” ejaculate when they envision placing chains on Barack Obama . . . .

Unquestionably Lord Trump is scrambling to create an all-captivating “wag the Brontosaurus” diversion to distract from “Impeach-Gate 2020,” and the reckless small, simple-minded and short-sighted assassination of Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani, is an act partially designed to distract America’s attention from Trump’s other despicable deeds, however the main reason Iran matters in the White man’s eyes, the rationale behind US boots on the ground and jets in the Arab air - is to protect Wall Street’s imperialistic-rooted global interest.

Our planet is an absolute “ball of total confusion,” and the gangster in the White House has played a significant and critical role in creating the mayhem engulfing us all. There’s no way of knowing how the chips are going to fall. What I do know - Black America “sleeps with one eye open,” we don’t know what’s next. This President may brand all Blacks as “home grown” terrorist or “Never Trumpers’ . . . as if it’s a felony to have smelled how very funky this escaped circus clown was from Jump Street.

How long before Trump screams from Stone Mountain Georgia what his klan wants to hear . . . refers to a Black person as a Nigger, an Arab Muslim as a Sand Nigger or a Latino as a Wetback - clearly Trump tossing around these loaded terms of endearment aren’t beyond the pale, and will be strategically uttered hoping to incite a man made nation-wide wild fire that will make Australia's tragic fires resemble a college bonfire.

America’s got more gun shops. weed shacks and fire-water stands than we do schools, churches or hospitals, affordable hospitals that is. As a nation we ain't woke, but we are lit, high as a $10 kite, and “well” armed - locke, stock and both barrels baby.

Therefore if you will, today, as a citizen of this planet and this all-so divided US empire, I’m asking you General, via the UN, to monitor the 2020 US Presidential elections, if they actually take place. I’m asking that UN troops be placed on “stand-by” just in case Trump’s people go berserk, win or lose, and we witness 1920’s Rosewood or Tulsa-type race Riots on a coast-to-coast level over the course of a few days, weeks or months, making the Middle East look like a family picnic gone bad.

I’m asking, begging if not pleading, please, please . . . please hear my plea General Guterres, the world must come to our aid and halt the genocidal madness which could very-well be going on behind a silenced internet, an “iron curtain.” After a few days or weeks - how many millions of black and brown folks end-up dead at the hands of Trump's stormtroopers? Who’s to check and corrall the police, the police? Who's going to put-down all the army men, cops, truckers, bikers, bankers, computer chip makers, butchers and bankers - flashing White Supremacist hand signs? Yes! Hate runs the spectrum of occupations and trades within Trump’s America.

I know you don’t want to believe it, nevertheless the still much-loved 1861 Confederacy is more than merely a historical and geographical landmark but rather a coast-to-coast living n’ breathing, heartfelt mindset.

Black Americans, as well as virtually all Americans of color sit, in 2020 - at the mercy of a merciless President, a “little man” in all aspects of the word, who I can’t rule-out has all the king's men and all the king's weapons-of-war ready to level guns at civilians, at Mexican women and Black teenagers. Ovens, gas chambers, mass executions . . . Trump’s capable of it all.

Why? We, people of color, American citizens of-color are white America’s ‘Public Enemy #1.

Bandy X. Lee, Yale University School of Medicine professor of psychiatry and editor of the book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President” just offered this assessment of the lunatic residing in the Oval Office: “This is exactly the kind of dangerous event we foresaw as Donald Trump’s response to the impeachment proceedings, just as his pulling troops from northern Syria was a direct response to the announcement of an impeachment inquiry, the president’s decision to order the drone killing of General Qassem Soleimani, is why more than 800 mental health professionals petitioned Congress to consult with us, since, without intervention, this kind of crisis was a matter of time, not just a possibility.”

Secretary General Guterres, . . . . please gather the armies of good from around the world and save America’s “little people” from these half-mad white folks, save us, we Americans-of-color who hail from all 7 continents, from the four-corners of this globe and who’s fate sits with a soulless tyrannical nutcase, who’s stupid-drunk with narcissistic ideals of eternal white male privilege/superiority being the law of this land. You bet, this unhinged lunatic is hell-bent on maintaining white “minority-rule” in what can no longer seriously be regarded as the “United” States of America. Trump’s misguided mission from day one: to take back “their’ America, and make it 1957 White again.”

(This Ed/Op Piece was sent to Gen. Guterres via email/soc. media) Columnist, Desi Cortez, who also writes for &, was hatched in the heart of Dixie, circa 1961, at the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the by-product of four dynamic individuals, Raised in South-Central LA, the 213. At age 14 transplanted to the base of the Rockies, Denver. Still a Mile-Hi. Sat at the foot of scholars for many, many moons, emerging with a desire and direction… if not a sheep-skin. Meandered thru life; gone a-lot places, done a-lot of things, raised a man-cub into an officer n' gentleman, a "man's man." Produced a beautiful baby-girl with my lover/woman/soul-mate… aired my "little" mind on the airwaves and wrote some stuff along the way. Wordsmith behind America's Ten Months Pregnant . . . Ready To Blow!: Even Trump Can't "Make America White Again." A New, More Inclusive, Diverse 21st Century America - Love It . . . Or Get The Hell Out!Contact Mr. Cortez and BC.

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