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Est. April 5, 2002
October 13, 2016 - Issue 670

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U.S. Weapon Sales Enable
Saudi Arabia's
Atrocities in Yemen

By Carlos Latuff
Rio de Janeiro Brazil October 13, 2016 - Issue 670: U.S. Weapon Sales Enable Saudi Arabia's Atrocities in Yemen - Political Cartoon By Carlos Latuff, Rio de Janeiro Brazil

This cartoon by Carlos Latuff is a statement of support of CODEPINK

Carlos Latuff, a cartoonist, artist and activist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Latuff has spent the last 15 plus years crafting a style that can best be described as “populist cartooning.” He has touched on issues like Apartheid in South Africa, the plight of Native Americans in the US and the oppression of Tibetans in China.

But perhaps his most controversial series to date is “We are all Palestinians,” in which he compares the actions taken by the Israeli government towards Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip directly to the Nazi’s treatment of Jews.  Contact Mr. Latuff and BC.

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