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An accused international serial-rapist is back in the news this week, and apparently performing his own damage control. Not that any of it is worth hearing. The criminal case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) was ironically derailed by the same man whose job it is to vigorously charge him; the DA, Cy Vance. What I noticed over the past several weeks, as it became obvious this guy was going to trial, was the rush to discredit the charges of Nofissatou Diallo, the hotel maid, by broadcasting "she lied." Conservative radio jocks couldn't hide the excitement in their voices at the reports that deemed her statements lacked credibility.

Crashing headlong into this tremor of new wishful-thought-broadcast-as-facts, was a an Earth tremor from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), and a deluge of more accusations from other women who claimed to have been sexually victimized by the former French Presidential candidate.

The 5/24 WSJ said the DNA found on the shirt of the hotel maid, Nafissatou Diallo, matched the DNA sample submitted by Strauss-Kahn. Whom is lying to who? "Tests matched a DNA sample submitted by former (IMF) director Dominique Strauss-Kahn and semen found on the shirt of the hotel maid who told police she had been sexually assaulted by him law enforcement officials said." Fine, see you at the trial. If DSK were black that is. It's cold irony that it was announced DSK may even counter-sue Ms. Diallo almost 3 months to the day of the WSJ report. What nerve, a normal person would say. What audacity. No. White Supremacy.  What specific facts or incident(s) regarding Diallo's allegations prove her to be a liar? There are none, unless you are anxious to believe Strauss-Kahn's attorney Benjamin Brafman. Everyone else is. Fox News and conservative radio excitedly began airing the possibility the case may be dropped due to her so-called lack of credibility. What about her statements was proven to be questionable? All Brafman could say on Tuesday 8/23 was "because she did lie, and he has suffered enormous damages as a result of those lies." Hmmm... "suffered enormous damages," to a white man of DSK's stature, that means having to step down as CEO of one of the Illuminatiís biggest financial control agencies; the IMF. Between 1980 and 2000 the IMF imposed a 7% increase in taxes to Pakistan's poorest, while their richest were granted a %15 tax cut. The recent flooding in Pakistan has not softened the IMF's war on the poor according to a story by David Cronin. Want more suffering? Not being able to run for President of France, comme ci comme ca.

Need I mention the several days of hard-time on Rikers Island without bail, and then off to luxury-house arrest. Prosecutors said they couldn't pursue the case, and then they lied. They then said it was due to Diallo's credibility and lack of other evidence to prove a forced sexual encounter," according to a wire-service report. Though indicted by a Grand Jury on 5/19, on 6/30 Vance began working for the DSK team. We now know credibility and truth have nothing to do with it. Three months ago Brafman had nothing to say about the DNA evidence. What could he say?

The WSJ quotes prosecutor John McConnell saying "she offered a compelling and unwavering story." How then, did she go from "compelling and unwavering" to having her case dismissed due to lack of credibility? Answer: When a white man rapes a black woman. In this scenario not only does the DA become co-defense attorney, the Judge becomes the DA. He not only dismissed the case, he was said to be in to process of recommending that the State Appellate Court not even take the case up.

Strauss-Khahn may claim to be undergoing "enormous suffering, but he feels "no-ways tired." There's enough new accusations on him overseas to keep his lawyer lying for years to come. What happened with Ms. Diallo is far from new. Foreign journalists chose to remain silent by their own admission. "Time" magazine quotes a Paris attorney speaking anonymously discloses he has an entire pile of complaints from women who say they were attacked by Strauss-Kahn. Others like former New York Attorney Alton Maddox compare the DSK/Diallo case to the Central Park 7. Six black rape suspects were convicted without DNA evidence. What does DSK have in light of his own semen? The best his defense can offer is an alleged phone conversation by Diallo in her native Fula language to her boyfriend; "...don't worry, this guy has a lot of money. I know what I'm doing." Even if the call were true and the translation accurate, this still does not or should not invalidate the DNA evidence. Columnist Chris Stevenson is a syndicated columnist, his articles also appear on his blog; the Buffalo Bullet. Follow him on Twitter (pointblank009) and Facebook (pointblank009) Click here to contact Mr. Stevenson.

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