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“One of the biggest differences is the color of my ... eyes." Hermann Cain distinguishing himself from the GOP field.

"Herman Cain appeals to people because he doesn't talk about race," said South Carolina Republican strategist Chip Felkel.

Thank the stars I speak Red-Necklish . . . translation, “Herman Cain appeals to White people because he doesn't talk about race; that’s the whole point, he puts Conservatives, i.e. sexist, racist and elitist White folks in the “comfortable position,” at ease, by make-believing, pretending race is not the polarizing combustible, flammable issue that we all know it to be.

Can you say Uncle Thomas Clarence ? Perhaps Booker T, a man willing to set aside reality in order to . . .?

Somebody needs to sit this apparently half-blind brother down and talk to him; Mr. Herman Cain, can I have a moment of your time?  Word is - you’re running for the GOP Presidential nomination . . . you’d like to become the “champion” of angry Rednecks across this so-bitterly divided nation, put a Black face on their pain n’ suffering - legitimize their anger, assist them to “beat back” this Black monster at their gate.

You’re comfortable carrying the heavy load for these “angry White folks,” getting your hands dirty helping them to unseat this country’’s first Afro-American president.

Negro , please . . . have you lost your cotton pickin’ mind?

Your miscalculated run for the Republican Tea Party Presidential nomination is as misguided as . . . a Black man running for the Republican Tea Party Presidential nomination! It not merely far-fetched - it’s pathetically delusional if not down-right trifling in it’s very limited core-of-reasoning.

How n’ Why you’ve embraced “their” values and standards is the real question here. What’s the perceived personal benefits you plan to reap Mr. Cain?

How much “compromising” do you plan to do?

As I understand it, this brother broke into Paul Robeson form during a lull in the questioning at an political event , Cain sang the spiritual "Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now" in a cashmere baritone, the vastly all white GOP gathering . . . loved it.

Guilded-missiles and mis-guilded Negroes.... we gotta make a change.

It seems, call me crazy, but Mr. Cain your chosen party is anti-you, anti your wife and family, anti-Black, anti-Americans-of-Color, and not to mention; anti-women, anti-worker ants, anti-happy n’ gay folks . . . just anti-anyone and everyone whose not a conservative white-male, and - the more moo-lah he has - the better, and there’s really little debate about that.

Your party, your constituents are the classless bastards branding President Obama’s mother a nigger-luving whore, demanding the President “show us your papers boy” need I say more?

It’s your people Mr Cain who refuse to give credit where credit is due and hard earned - despite if we’re talking about this president and his accomplishments or individual Black folks and our personal perseverance against what Tea Baggers know are overwhelming odds rooted in racism and classism.

It’s the “Right” those real, true-blue patriotic Americans who’d rather let bridges and schools crumble, people go with-out 21st century health care - before they’re taxed - for they cant phantom helping what they blindly and bigoted assert are lazy, shiftless, moral-less Niggers and Spics.

Please let’s cease with the forced grins n’ fake smiles, all the hypocrisy: I guarantee you those are the terms of endearment used to describe Black and Brown folks, you bet, yes-sir-ree, from Rush and Beck to Pat Buchanan, Palin, Bauchmann and and Washington Redskins head coach Coach Mike Shanahan . . . their statements, actions and deeds scream . . . Go back to Africa !

The hate peculating out of Mr. Cain’s co-hearts hearts . . . they’d deny their own babies and grandma’s quality doctor care, to yes ensure Black and Brown people don’t somehow, someway receive health care. . . explain that for me Mr. Cain, please? Tell me, enlighten me to the rational, the sane rhyme n’ reason behind that kind of hating. Speak for the Rednecks and good ol boys who predominate your party.

It’s the Right, which damns this president for using American imperialistic military might to stabilize parts of the globe the US historically destabilizes in order to loot n’ pillage. And Cain - your Black ass knows damn well American foreign policy is based on resources and race first n’ foremost - how can you damn this president for trying to do otherwise.

(for the record . . . I’m sympathetic to Cornell West position)

Mr Cain, let’s be honest here; the segment of society who you’re asking support you is the very place where the death threats to not simply the President hail from, but the death threats against his little girls, their grandmother and his wife. How can you look at yourself in the lookin’ glass after breaking bread with those types of folks?

Whenever this subject of a Black man leading what’s left of the 1861 “Confederacy” bubbles to the top of the American stew, say a Michael Steele attempts to speak for “the Right” they, the base, the core of the GOP attacks what is allegedly one of their own.

Ask Colin Powell, once considered this nation’s “model Negro,” no?

Cain, while unsuccessfully seeking a Republican senate seat was confronted with the predictable charge of being “too liberal” - of not loathing, not distrusting . . . not hating Black people nearly-enough to satisfy the Rush Limbaugh foundation of the “4th Richt.”


Cain, like Colin supported Affirmative Action - which apparently revels their black hearts.

Mr Cain, what you’re attempting here, to speak for White America is little more then a feeble attempt to appease a slice-of-America which supported South African apartheid while opposing an MLK national Holiday.

It’s simply amazing; Gumby like Negros who can turn themselves into chocolate covered pretzels if the price, the reward is great enough

Here, dig this unbelievable bull-crap; Cain explains that he doesn’t embrace the concept of the "African-American". He says, "When people try to label me, I very quickly point out that I am an American first, black second, and I'm a conservative. So, I'm an ABC."

Does Cain not understand in the minds of most Republican Tea Party members . . . he’s a BOY first n’ foremost? Did he not see how very fast Tiger became Black in the minds of White folks . . . ?

In his newest campaign video, Mr. Cain dones the white gloves, top hat n’ cane in-order to pander to Conservative White America; attempting to sooth their fear and paranoia Cain not only has blind Black folks backing his campaign decrying “the only color I see is “red, white n’ blue,” while Cain talks of “how far” America’s come since he’s the great, great, grand child of slaves . . . .

Do these bought n’ paid for store-front Negroes not recognize who put them in chains and who today amongst us is trying to put us back in chains?

I don’t think Cain grasp the complexity of the situation; populist Tea Party stand-out Rand Paul wants to return to an post-slavery separate n’ unequal America where businesses have the 1955 option to not render services to those individuals the owner deems undesirable.

I’ve never heard so much ridiculous jive-ass gibberish since Uncle Thomas tried to cry he was the victim of a High Tech lynching. The only lynching I’ve seen lately . . . Mike Vick, and of course President Obama is the target of a lynchmob.

I don’t know how a Black man can yearn-to, aspire-to side with a segment of society which depicts Black people as primates. Tell me, honestly, how do you get into bed with these folks? Granted 20 years ago I went to a Ross Perot rally, and I didn’t like Clinton, the whole “1st Black President routine got old.

A White women is a far better, and easier choice for the GOP rank n’ file to make, a Sarah Palin or Michelle Bauchmann to illustrate the Right is diverse and accommodating - and that’s the choice their going to make. Once more, the grand pooh-pah of all the “real Americans”

Rush Limbaugh will not anoint a Black man to represent his racist/sexist and elitist beliefs. . . regardless of how far Cain will go to convince the far-right he too hates . . . Black folks.

Hermain Cain . . . you sit, watch and weep . . . then come on home crying, with your little heart broken . .. “I thought they understood Herman Cain was different, a southern businessman, a former military man, family man . . . “ but nonetheless a Black man. Guest Commentator Desi Cortez was hatched in the heart of Dixie, circa 1961, at the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the by-product of four dynamic individuals, Raised in South-Central LA, the 213, at age 14 transplanted to the base of the Rocky's, Denver. Still a Mile-Hi.

Sat at the feet of scholars for many, many moons, emerging with a desire and direction . . . if not a sheep-skin. Meandered thru life; gone a-lot places, done a-lot of things, raised a man-cub into a good, strong man, produced a beautiful baby-girl with my lover/woman/soul-mate . . . aired my mind on the airwaves and wrote some stuff along the way. Click here to contact Desi.

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