Issue 362 - February 11, 2010
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Cover Story: Black History Month - Put Your Game-Face On - The Gambit By Nathaniel Turner
Cartoon: Hard lesson for Obama By Carlos Latuff
Black History Month - What the Black Man Wants - A Speech By Malcolm X
Tea Party Racism - African American Leadership By Dr. Ron Walters, PhD
Brownbaggers Not Teabaggers - Leftward Ho! By Peter Gamble
Capitalism: Obstructionist of Freedom - Represent Our Resistance - By Dr. Lenore J. Daniels, PhD
Trashing Danny Glover, or the Politics of Disinformation & Ridicule - The African World By Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Missionaries Doing What Missionaries Always Did - The Color of Law - By David A. Love, JD
Time to Take Back the People’s Political Narrative - Keeping it Real - By Larry Pinkney
Honoring Notorious Gladys Bentley - Inclusion - By The Reverend Irene Monroe
Art: Relief for Haiti By Tao Ruspoli, Cleon Peterson, Casey Ryder and Shepard Fairey
Disaster Relief with Human Rights for Haiti - Dantò’s Note By Ezili Dantò/Marguerite Laurent
Haiti: Still Starving - Justice Watch By Bill Quigley
The Government Provides More Union Jobs Than Private Sector - Solidarity America - By John Funiciello
Tea Party: Lessons in Obstructionist Politics - Between The Lines - By Dr. Anthony Asadullah Samad, PhD
Education and Economic Independence - Worrill’s World - By Dr. Conrad Worrill, PhD
Cartoon: Cheynne Reservationd By Eric J. Garcia
The Struggle For Worker Rights and Empowerment: Key to Building People’s Democracy! By Saladin Muhammad
BC Question: Do we still need to celebrate Black History Month?
Quote to Ponder: "You keep making bad moves, you’re going to get checkmated..." - Eugene Brown