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The current issue is always free to everyone - I Am BLACK Not black

We let them plant in our soil

We let them rule our spirit

We let them play with our soul

But one thing we managed to do,

Was to take out their plants but

We forgot the roots

That is why they claim

To have discovered us

But the question is;

Who discovered them?

They claim to have discovered what we already knew

What is their claim?


They say we are black

They say we are empty

They push us to step

On our own feet

They stop us from growing, brother

They stand on our shoulders

They turn off the lights

Every time we try to step closer

They destroy bridges when we try to cross

They throw stones at us

When we try to climb mountains


They say there is no us without them

They don’t support what we believe in

Make us believe that whatever we believe in is wrong

Whatever they are doing is right

They push us to fight among ourselves &

Then step in between so,

They can be called “Heroes”

Why they are so sure that GOD created them

What about us

Who is our Creator?


Aren’t we breathing the same air?

Aren’t we getting burn by the same sun?

Why do they think they are different?

Why they shoot at us &

Think that we animals

Why say, “life is unfair”

But we bow to them


I am tired of it!

I am sick of it!

I am human like them


Not the black they understand

But this black;








Created by GOD

HE gave me AFRICA as my home”


What are you????? Guest Poet, Kingsley, writes, “I am the one with the message that was given to me before breathing my first breath.” Click here to contact Kingsley.

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May 15, 2008
Issue 277

is published every Thursday

Executive Editor:
Bill Fletcher, Jr.

Managing Editor:
Nancy Littlefield

Peter Gamble
Est. April 5, 2002
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