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April 3, 2008 - Issue 271
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Cover Story: A Word From Our Executive Editor: Black Commentator's 6th Anniversary
My 60th Birthday:A Statement from Assata Shakur
Thinking About Birthdays: You're Two
Political Cartoon: Iraq Under Construction
Bush & Cheney keep talking about Iran... - The African World
April 3, 1968: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.- I've Been to the Mountaintop
Basra, Baghdad and Beyond - Left Margin
The Economics of War: From King to Obama - Along the Color Line
Will Clinton Repudiate Her Ties to the Christian Right? - Color of Law
Political Cartoon: Housing Crisis
"Amerikkka" - Functionaries at Your Service! - Represent Our Resistance

Barack Obama: Faithful Tool of U.S. Imperialism and Empire - Keeping It Real

If the Democrats Can’t Win This Time Around, They Should Cease Calling Themselves a Party - Between the Lines
The Senator, His Pastor and the Israel Lobby
Post Racial Conflict: America to Enter Heaven Without Confessing Her Sins
Art: Glad About It
Invasion: Poetic Black Fusion By Poet Blackman Preach BC Spoken Word Columnist
'Damming the Flood' Powerful [Book Review]: Welcome examination of Haiti's criminally overlooked recent history
Return Aristide to Haiti - Try Bush as a Global Pirate - Dismantle Structures of Subversion
The Purpose of Education for Black People - Worrill’s World
Candidates’ Fear and Reporters’ Scripts:The DA Race in Austin, a Microcosm of the Bigger Races
Rutgers University Annual Women's Month Symposium - "Is Power Redefining the Politics of Women?"
Prodigal Petraeus
Political Cartoon: April Showers