March 1, 2007 - Issue 219

Cartoon: The Ultimate Test Of Allegiance

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By Lance Scurvin, aka S.C.U.R.V.

Artist Statement

Lance Scurvin, otherwise known as "S.C.U.R.V", an acronym for "Style Created from an Urban Revolutionary Voice". I am a 43 year old Jamaican blooded visual activist born in Harlem & raised in South Jamaica Queens who now resides in sunny Orlando Florida. I, as a righteously angry Black man growing up in the New York City urban experience have witnessed many events in my life from a very unique point of view, one that is almost impossible to express through the so called "mainstream" media that will never showcase a talent who doesn't echo their spiritually twisted off base narrow minded delusional condescending schizophrenic & hypocritical perceptions of reality. As an outspoken Afrocentric minded artist, it's very difficult to express yourself fully when the medium that publishes your work has the final say in the finished product. Most often literally robbing it of its intended impact & message! I know that it is next to impossible to gain any lucrative acknowledgement from the very oppressors to whom I target in my work as I attempt to enlighten the ignorant & to break the mental chains put on us through an educational system that never will activate the dormant greatness that exists in our mighty Black souls. So I tirelessly ply my trade out of a love for my people in the darkest recesses of the internet so that you, the viewer, can absorb my offerings direct without fear, apology or compromise! This website is a well prepared gourmet meal intended to nourish & motivate the hungry Black mind & spirit with me being the chef, so in order to completely digest the sweet nuggets of motivation within, all I ask of you is that you take your sweet time & savor every delicious bite. So to all of my people all over the globe, I do thank you for taking the precious time to visit as I say WELCOME to my personal labor of love! Fearing none but God, I am on a divine relentless mission to brazenly speak the truth through my creative visuals and explosive words to destroy the dysfunctions and denials of reality that are epidemic in Black communities the world over. Read on and let the much needed detoxification, cleansing and reprogramming begin........

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